KTM’s Exciting 2024 Bike Launches in India

KTM 125 Duke 2024

KTM, the Austrian motorcycle manufacturer renowned for its performance-oriented bikes, is gearing up to make a significant impact on the Indian market with several exciting launches slated for 2024. These new variants are expected to cater to different segments of riders, from entry-level to mid-range enthusiasts.

Detailed Overview of Each Launch

KTM 125 Duke [2024]

KTM’s Exciting 2024 Bike Launches in India

Expected to launch around August 2024, the KTM 125 Duke [2024] is set to receive significant updates over its predecessor. The bike will likely feature a 125cc BS6-2.0 compliant engine, delivering a power output of 14.7 bhp. Design updates include a new headlight setup, sleeker body panels, and a longer fuel tank, contributing to a more aggressive stance. With an expected price of around Rs. 2.00 Lakh, the 125 Duke [2024] aims to attract entry-level riders seeking performance and style.

KTM 390 Adventure [2025]

KTM’s Exciting 2024 Bike Launches in India

Although the KTM 390 Adventure [2025] is expected to launch in early 2025, its 2024 updates have generated significant interest. The bike will feature a 399cc engine with a power output of 45.3 bhp and a torque of 39 Nm. Drawing inspiration from KTM’s Dakar Rally bikes, the design boasts a semi-fairing, high-set front fender, and a slim rear profile. With an expected price range of Rs. 3.5 lakh to Rs. 3.7 lakh, the 390 Adventure [2025] targets adventure touring enthusiasts.

KTM 650 Duke

The KTM 650 Duke, a highly anticipated middle-weight motorcycle, is expected to debut towards the end of 2025, with a market launch in early 2026. Powered by a 650-690cc parallel twin motor, the bike is estimated to deliver close to 80bhp. The 650 Duke will be completely localized and manufactured in India by Bajaj Auto, with technology transfer handled by KTM. While the price is yet to be confirmed, it will compete with the likes of the Triumph Trident 660 and Kawasaki Z650.

Strategy and Positioning for New Models

KTM’s approach to capturing different market segments is evident in its upcoming launches. The 125 Duke [2024] aims to strengthen the brand’s presence in the entry-level segment, while the 390 Adventure [2025] caters to the growing demand for adventure touring bikes. The 650 Duke represents KTM’s foray into the middle-weight category, targeting riders seeking a balance of performance and versatility.

The significance of technology transfer and localization in pricing strategy cannot be overlooked. By manufacturing the 650 Duke in India, KTM aims to offer a competitively priced middle-weight contender. These new launches align with KTM’s brand image of performance and innovation, reinforcing its commitment to the Indian market.

Market Outlook/Analysis

The Indian motorcycle market has witnessed a growing demand for performance bikes across various segments. KTM’s upcoming launches are expected to intensify competition, particularly in the entry-level and middle-weight categories.

In the entry-level segment, the KTM 125 Duke [2024] will face competition from the likes of the Yamaha MT-15 and the Suzuki Gixxer. The 390 Adventure [2025] will compete with the Royal Enfield Himalayan and the BMW G 310 GS in the adventure touring segment. The 650 Duke will go head-to-head with the Triumph Trident 660 and the Kawasaki Z650 in the middle-weight category.


KTM’s strategic moves with the upcoming launches demonstrate its commitment to the Indian market and its desire to cater to the diverse needs of Indian riders. The 125 Duke [2024], 390 Adventure [2025], and 650 Duke are expected to generate significant excitement and anticipation among enthusiasts.

The success of these models will depend on their ability to deliver on KTM’s promise of performance, innovation, and value. With a strong brand reputation and a growing customer base, KTM is well-positioned to make a significant impact on the Indian motorcycle market in 2024 and beyond.