KTM 390 Adventure vs TVS Apache RR 310: Top-End Drag Race [Video]

Ktm Adventure 390 Vs Tvs Apache Rr 310 Featured

We have seen a variety of articles in the past where we have featured drag races and top-end races between bikes, cars and some times between motorcycles and cars. The list doesn’t seem to end as we have another video here that shows a top end race between two motorcycles that belong to two different categories. Unlike other races that we have seen in the past, the results of this race is different and interesting. The motorcycles that participate in this race are the recently launched KTM 390 Adventure and TVS Apache RR 310 BS4 version. Let’s have a look at the video to know what was exactly happened.

The video has been uploaded by Ayush Verma on his youtube  channel. The video starts by showing both the motorcycles on a comparatively empty stretch of highway. The race is conducted in two rounds. The first round starts and the KTM 390 Adventure is quick off the line and maintains the constant speed through out the race. The power delivery in the KTM is far more aggressive than that of the RR 310. The TVS RR 310 is left behind in the first round and the KTM 390 Adventure wins the race by a good margin.

Before the second round, the riders switch the motorcycles and then start the race. The initial result remain the same. The KTM got a great start and maintained the lead for quite some time. After some time things started to change a bit. The Apache RR 310 that lost the first round started closing in and it looked like as of the KTM had maxed out and could not go any faster. The RR 310 slowly started overtaking the KTM and took the lead. On video, the Apache RR 310 had touched the 170 kmph mark and still felt pretty stable. The RR 310 maintained the lead from there and won the second round.

KTM 390 Adventure vs TVS Apache RR 310: Top-End Drag Race [Video]

There are couple of reason why this happened. The weight of the rider and the riding style play a crucial role. In this case the weight of the rider on the KTM during the second round was more than the RR 310 rider. The other reason is the technique used. RR 310 rider used a technique called slipstreaming which is basically closely following a vehicle right in the front and waiting for a perfect opportunity to overtake. During the process of slipstream the vehicle going at the front cuts the air at the front which reduces the drag for the motorcycle or car coming right behind it.