KTM Duke 200, RC390 motorcycle modification ideas from around the world!

The KTM Duke twins have come, seen, and conquered. As two of India’s hyper successful, affordable sportsbikes, the Duke 200 and 390 scream value for money and to this day, offer fantastic bang for the buck. It’s been 3 years since the Duke 200 made its debut in India, and about 2 years since the much more powerful Duke 390 arrived here. In quick time, custom motorcycle builders have gotten at work, and in the process have churned out delectable looking builds. Here are 10 beautifully modified KTM Duke 200s and 390s.

Autologue Design’s X26 KTM Duke

Autologue Design's X26 KTM Duke 390 Body Kit 1

[Image courtesy AutologueDesign on Facebook]

Autologue Design of Pune manufactures a custom body kit for the KTM Duke 200 and 390, one that fits onto these motorcycles like a glove. Dubbed the X26, this kit retails for around 50,000 rupees and is a bolt-on unit. In other words, it’s a straight fit this, no drilling required. What you get after the addition of the body kit is a very distinctive Duke, which will simply stand apart from the scores of other Duke 200s and 390s that abound in India. Those who want a custom set of wheels need to hurry as only 26 such kits would be built by Autologue.

Cafe Nomad’s Duke Scrambler

Cafe Nomads' KTM Duke 200 based Scrambler 1

[Image courtesy Keyne Wilson on Facebook]

Cafe Nomad of Mumbai has scramblerized the Duke 200, in the process building a motorcycle that looks very different from the stock bike. Dubbed the Street Tracker, the scrambler version of the Duke looks much cleaner from every angle, and could make for the perfect bike to tour the length and the breadth of the country. On-off road tyres means that the bike can take the rough with the smooth. The handlebar has been raised for a more comfortable riding position and the seat gets flatter. Your pillion will love you for this.

Mean Green Customs’ The Alchemist

Mean Green Customs' Alchemist Duke 200 Custom 1


[Images courtesy MeanGreenCustoms on Facebook]

Mean Green Customs presented a very edgy iteration of the custom build Duke 300 at the India Bike Week of 2015. It’s a scrambler alright but a gilded one at that. Dubbed the Alchemist, the motorcycle almost feels like a new age steed for royalty, what with brassy finish all around. Plenty of edges abound, from the fuel tank to the cowl covering the rear seat. The motorcycle gets off road tyres at the front and the rear and a handlebar that sits higher. The rear sub frame seems to be borrowed from the RC200 while the coolant tank has been neatly tucked away.

Studio Motor’s Duke Scrambler

Studio Motor's KTM Duke 200 Scrambler Custom 2

[Image courtesy Biker’s-Cafe]

The Duke Scrambler from Studio Motor, Indonesia, was commissioned by Andrew Thomson, an Australian living in the island nation. The donor bike in this case is a Duke 200. The stock motorcycle was stripped, and most of the plastic body bits were thrown away. A BMW tank was added while the headlamp made way for a regular, round unit. The idea was to deliver a stripped out scrambler. So, the Duke 200 retains its frame, while panels made of 1.2 mm galvanized steel tidy up the mid section of the bike. A scrambler style exhaust rounds off the changes.

Knight Auto Customizer’s Duke

Knight Auto Customizer's KTM Duke 200 1

[Image courtesy KnightAutoCustomizer on Facebook]

This is a stock Duke whose only calling card is its paint job. But this much is enough to make the motorcycle really stand out from the hordes of Duke 200s seen in India. Knight Auto Customizers have given the Duke 200 a zany paint job. A pearl green paint finish with a matte metallic grey wrap at strategic points of the motorcycle make it seem straight out of the Matrix. The headlamp gets blacked out while the tail lamp sees a black wrap. Carbon fiber wraps sit on the windscreen, around the headlight shroud and on the pillion’s grab rail to conclude the design.

KTM Marla 390

KTM Marla 390 1

The RC390 is KTM’s flagship motorcycle sold in India. A fully faired sportsbike, it’s aimed at racing enthusiasts. There are some exceptions. One such rider in Pune has given the RC390 a complete makeover, and has done away with the fairing. The result is a naked sportsbike, which looks much better than the Duke 390. Called the Marla 390, the bike has a revised front fairing, sporty headlamps, a blue paint job and exposed frame.

KTM Sonic 200

KTM Sonic 200 3

The Sonic 200 is a custom bike based on the KTM RC200. Like the Marla 390, the bike is a naked sportsbike that dumps the full fairing. A blue and white paint makes the Sonic 200 really stand out. Other changes include a revised headlamps, revised handlebars and a repositioned instrument cluster. The Sonic 200 is built by Inline3, a custom bike workshop from India.

KTM Silver Arrow

Garaje 57 Duke 390 1

The Silver Arrow is a modified Duke 390 from Colombia. A custom bike builder called Garaje 57 has built this very mechanical and minimalistic looking bike. Like the Duke 390, the bike is a naked motorcycle alright but has enough changes to look very distinct from the bone stock version that’s sold by KTM. From the tank, to the body work and the wheels, the Silver Arrow features plenty of custom bits.

KTM Scrambler

KTM Duke 390 Scrambler 1

A lady from Australia has made the KTM Duke 390 more usable by building a Scrambler version of the bike. The Scrambler custom also looks better than the stock version of the Duke, which suffers from a design that’s too busy. The custom machine features a larger fuel tank, repositioned exhaust, new handlebars and a longer seat that can accommodate two more comfortably.


KTM Duke-T Kunka

KTM Kunka Duke-T 3

The Duke-T from Kunka is a brawny version of the Duke 200. Finished in grey, the custom motorcycle features new tyres and a custom exhaust that boosts ground clearance. The exhaust now exits from the space between the wheel and the bike’s rear mudguard. The turn indicators are new while the headlamp gets a glossy black surround. The rest of the bike retains the Duke’s styling lines.

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