KTM Duke 250 gets tastefully modified for just Rs. 2,000

The KTM Duke series is quite popular in India. There are now four bikes under the Duke series available in the market that includes the KTM 125 Duke, 200 Duke, 250 Duke and the 390 Duke. The KTM 250 Duke is a mix of the Duke 200 and the Duke 390. It gets styling bits like the headlamps from the KTM 390 Duke while the instrument console and other cycle parts are similar to the 200 Duke. Well, the 250 Duke can look unique with simple yet powerful modifications and that too, under Rs. 2,000 only.

The video uploaded by “The Hassan Roadsters”, shows various modifications done to the KTM 250 Duke and the cost of the modifications come out to be lower than Rs. 2,000. To start with, he first shows the tall windshield on the bike. The KTM 250 Duke does not come with any kind of visor from the factory, which made it even more difficult to mount the aftermarket visor on the bike. However, it is quite good according to the owner of the bike and negates the effect of windblast.

Other modifications include a tail tidy with an aftermarket number plate holder, which makes the rear of the bike look clean and sharp. The rear tail lamp now gets LED and the lens has been given a smoked effect, which makes the bike look very aggressive and sharp, especially from the rear. The KTM 250 Duke with the changes looks very different from the rest. He has also put up gear protector on the bike that will save the brake lever from any falls.

Other changes include the stickering job on the wheels. He has added stickers of “250” and “Ready to Race” on the inside of the alloy wheels. There is also reflective pinstripe on the alloy wheels that give a very good and handsome look to the bike. The rider has also made changes to the blinkers and by changing the wire, he can now engage all the four turn indicators like hazard lamps in the cars. It looks quite good but it has only one pattern. It can be turned on or off from an aftermarket switch mounted on the handlebar. There are many such blinker set-up available in the market that can change the complete pattern of the blinkers and can make them blink in various frequencies, adding a special effect to the bike.

Other than that, accessories like tank pad have been added to the bike. To add the accessories a lot of clamps and clips have been used, which is the second-most expensive thing in this modification list. The prices of every product are at the end of the video.

KTM Duke 250 gets tastefully modified for just Rs. 2,000

No engine changes have been made. The KTM 250 Duke is powered by a 248.8cc, liquid-cooled, single-cylinder engine that generates a maximum power of 31 Bhp and a peak torque of 7,250 rpm. It gets a six-speed transmission.