KTM Duke 250 vs Mahindra Mojo in a drag race: Who wins? [Video]

The KTM Duke series of motorcycles has been the choice of almost everyone from the most serious motorcycle enthusiasts to merely just the thrill seekers. Well, so far, in spite of some fresher competition coming in, the Duke 390 continues to be the most performance-oriented motorcycle in its segment. On the lower end, it’s the Duke 250 and the Duke 200 that have been tasked with battling it out with similarly priced motorcycles. One of the rivals of the Duke 250 is the Mahindra Mojo. Here is a quick drag video of the two motorcycles to check out which motorcycle is a better performer in a straight line. We don’t recommend conducting drag races on public roads. 

Basically, this video goes on to show what the ‘best’ from a barely-few-years-old Indian motorcycle has on offer against a world-class motorcycle that has met with considerable success in many international markets. As you can see in the above video, the first round starts with the Mahindra Mojo enjoying a clear lead over the KTM Duke 250 right from the word go. The Mojo can be seen having a big lead over the KTM. It hits a top speed of 146 KMPH before the rider starts slowing down.

In the second round of drag racing, the two riders exchange the motorcycles between them. This time around, the Duke 250 is ahead of the Mojo for a very long time. It’s only at the very top end, at speeds of more than 120 KMPH, that the Mojo flies past the Duke 250. Again, in Round 3, the Duke 250 is ahead for a lot of time before the Mojo ends up overtaking it at very high speeds.

Now, there are two factors involved here. The Mojo and the Duke 250 are almost equally powerful but the Mojo, in spite of having a higher weight, has a significant torque advantage over its Austrian rival. This helps it become a punchy performer in a drag race. Moreover, it’s clearly visible that one of the riders probably weighs a lot more than the other.

Hence, on riding the Mojo, the lighter rider ends up having a huge lead over the Duke 250. However, in the next rounds, the heavier rider is seen on the Mojo. Hence, the Duke 250, thanks to its lower weight and a lighter rider, remains ahead of the Mojo for a lot of time. Finally, the Mojo wins all the rounds due to the significant torque advantage and a stronger top-end.

The Mahindra Mojo is priced from Rs 1,49,000 and goes all the way to Rs 1,90,000 for the model with USDs, twin silencers, etc. The Mojo is powered by a 294.72cc, single-cylinder, fuel-injected engine that outputs 26.82 BHP and 30 Nm. The engine comes mated to a six-speed transmission and the motorcycle tips the scales at 182 KGs.  In comparison, the Duke 250 is on sale for Rs 1,77.638. It’s powered by a 249.8cc, fuel-injected, single-cylinder engine that outputs 29.58 BHP and a peak torque of 24 Nm. The engine comes mated to a six-speed transmission and the motorcycle has a kerb weight of 161 KGs.

Video Courtesy – Lokesh Swami on Youtube