KTM Duke 390-Ambulance crash shows why powerful motorcycles need careful riders [Video]

Seen here is a crash video involving a KTM Duke 390 and a Maruti Omni-based Ambulance. The video has been shot on a road in Itahari, Nepal. The video starts with the Duke 390 being ridden rather over-enthusiastically on a narrow road. Astride the KTM are a couple of friends, probably out on a joyride. However, their moments of happiness change to misfortune when the rider is unable to avoid contact with an ambulance.

The initial few frames show that while the rider has at least put on a helmet, the pillion is devoid of any sort of safety gear. The video starts with intermittent bursts of acceleration on a rather narrow road. Soon, the road opens up and the KTM starts picking up speed. The duo even comes across a Bajaj Pulsar RS200 that is being ridden at a pretty high speed.

Probably pumped up by the sight of a lesser motorcycle doing higher speeds, the KTM rider starts riding even faster (You can even hear the motor hitting the rev-limiter at 0:34). Soon, they manage to overtake the RS200. However, their happiness is short-lived as they end up crashing into an oncoming Maruti Omni ambulance. While the motorcycle riders are clearly at the receiving end here, let’s not forget that the KTM rider has been clearly at fault here.

For starters, he was riding rather rashly on a narrow road with enough traffic on it. Moreover, the KTM 390 Duke is a powerful machine that can go from zero to hundred in less than six seconds. Hence, it can end up being a pretty dangerous tool in the hands of an inexperienced/careless rider. It goes without saying that one should be really very gentle with the throttle when riding on a traffic-infested street. However, the rider in the video clearly had no such intentions.

He can be seen revving the motorcycle hard and cutting dangerously through the traffic. Even the driver of the ambulance is at fault here. He can be clearly seen driving in the wrong lane in order to overtake the slower moving traffic. Of course, it might be a case of medical emergency but he should have at least used the siren to alert other road users. In the final few frames, you can see the KTM Duke 390 rider braking hard and trying to steer to the left to avoid contact with the oncoming ambulance.

Unfortunately, however, the rider was going a bit too fast for his own good and ended up being knocked down by the Omni. While the driver of the ambulance should have been a lot more careful while negotiating the traffic, the rash and irresponsible riding by the KTM-rider is the root cause of this crash. The KTM guy could have easily avoided this situation by riding safely. We urge all our readers to ride safely and handle powerful motorcycles with utmost care while riding on traffic-infested streets.

Video Courtesy – Ayush Baraily on Youtube