ANGRY KTM Duke 390 rider STOPS state transport bus coming on the wrong way [Video]

Indian roads are one of the most dangerous in the world. A high number of accidents happen on the Indian highways and roads daily and many of them turn fatal. Yet, there are many motorists who continue to drive dangerously and put everyone else’s life in danger. It is a common sight in India to spot a vehicle moving on the wrong side of the road. Here is one more video, which shows a narrow escape of KTM 390 Duke rider from a bus coming on the wrong side.

KTM 390 Duke road rage

It sure aggravates the thoughts when someone escapes narrowly on the road because of the mistake of someone else. Lokesh Swami has put up the video showing himself riding on the open highways at a fast pace. The video is taken from the helmet-mounted camera of the rider suddenly shows the bus coming in the wrong lane appearing in front of the bike. While it is not an uncommon sight, it sure shakes up the people who face the situation.

After facing the bus on the wrong side, Lokesh gave the way to the bus but in the video, the helper of the bus can be heard saying something to him. This is when he takes a U-Turn, overtakes the bus and parks the bike in front of it. After he stops the bus, a lot of arguments can be heard on the video.

The bus was full of passengers and the bus attendant said that the road on the opposite side was closed, which is why they got the bus on the wrong lane. After a heated-up argument, the bus driver continued on the same lane. He also agreed to his mistake. The video shows that the bus was full of passengers at the time of the argument. A lot of other motorists can be seen gathering at the spot too.

ANGRY KTM Duke 390 rider STOPS state transport bus coming on the wrong way [Video]

Many vehicles, including private cars, trucks, bus, motorcycles use the wrong way on the highways to avoid travelling the extra distance. Since most of the highways in India have a limited number of U-Turns, the motorists go on the wrong side to avoid travelling extra. This mindset has caused numerous accidents in the past and continues to be the cause of many more accidents daily.

Road rage can turn out to be ugly

While it is clear from the video that the truck driver is at the fault, such road rage incidents should be avoided. Road rage can be get fuelled by such incidents and turn out to be fatal. There have been times when such road rage incidents have seen physical fights too. For safety reasons, one should not ever engage in road rage. To ensure that such things do not happen, one should rely on the authorities and file a complaint at the nearest police station. While it sure is a cumbersome job to file for a compliant and wait for the action, which often is no action at all, it is a much safer way.

This is also one of the reasons why all the vehicles should have ABS as standard. Apart from vehicles on the wrong side, there are pedestrians crossing the high-speed highways and stray animals and cattle on the roads, which can cause dangerous accidents. ABS makes sure that the vehicle stops in the shortest distance possible.