What happens when KTM Duke 390’s engine hits a stone: Before & after video!

Ktm Duke 390 Oil Leak Featured

Stone hits are quite common on the roads and can cause chipping of the windshield and small dents on the road. But Raghav Vlogs faced too much of trouble when his KTM 390 Duke got hit by a stone while riding. Here are two videos that show the KTM 390 Duke’s before and after situation.

KTM 390 Duke gets hit by a stone

The first video shows KTM 390 Duke freshly hit by a stone on the road and leaking oil profusely on the road. As per the owner, he did not realize the exact moment of the stone hitting the bike and he kept on riding. The video does not show the exact moment of stone hitting the bike but the engine oil can be seen spilling over the road over a distance.

What happens when KTM Duke 390’s engine hits a stone: Before & after video!

The owner of the bike took the bike out fresh out of the showroom and was riding around when the incident happened. Also, it is not clear if the stone was kept on the road or it came flying from another vehicle to hit the engine of the bike. Stone hits can be dangerous on the roads, especially at high speeds. Stones can get stuck in the tyre grooves and at high speed, they can get become free and hit the other vehicles on the road at high speed. There have been many cases of the windshield getting shattered and the body of the vehicle getting small dents due to the stone hits. For bikers, the stone can hit them anywhere and can cause an injury, which is why protective gears are highly recommended while riding. Also, tyres can hit the stones lying on the road and they can hit other vehicles at a high speed like a missile.

The video then shows the damaged oil filter part, which is located at the side bottom on the engine. The KTM 390 Duke seen in the video also gets an engine cage but even that could not save the engine from the stone hit.

The second video shows the bike getting mended by KTM. Raghav Vlogs also shares the final bill for the repairs. The total repair cost of the bike is around Rs. 18,700. It is inclusive of the labour of Rs. 4,720. KTM replaced the engine case, oil filter cap, oil filter, O-rings, new piston ring and engine oil. KTM even changed the clutch plate as the older clutch plates gave away when the owner rode the bike with a low fuel level.

While stone hits are quite common, often they are not so damaging to the vehicles. However, one should know about such stone hits and how dangerous can be to the vehicles. Bikers should always wear protective gear to avoid injuries from flying stones and pebbles on the roads and highways.