KTM Duke 390, RC 390, Yamaha R3 & Kawasaki Ninja 300 in a drag race: Who wins? [Video]

The motorcycle scenario in India has changed quite a lot ever since affordable performance motorcycles from brands like KTM, Kawasaki and Yamaha arrived here. Currently, the segment is populated with various motorcycles from the manufacturers that are available at a wide price range. But which one can outrun the others when it comes to a drag race? Here is a video showing just that!

Who wins?

The video shows the KTM RC 390 winning both the attempts. The KTM RC 390 is closely followed by the Yamaha YZF-R3 while the Kawasaki Ninja 300 and the KTM 390 Duke stay in a close range with the Ninja 300 staying slightly ahead.

The RC 390 gets the highest engine displacement among the faired bikes participating in the drag race. The 390 Duke, which gets the last position in both the attempts is the only naked bike in the race. The fairing helps to cut through the wind in a much efficient manner, which ensures least wind resistance and quicker acceleration timing than the naked 390 Duke. Both the bikes are similarly powered and share the same engine. Also, the KTM bikes are the only single-cylinder bikes in the drag race.

Interestingly, the KTM RC 390 that won the race is the most affordable bike among the four. It is priced at Rs. 2.37 lakhs, ex-showroom, Delhi. It is followed by the 390 Duke, which is priced at Rs. 2.44 lakhs, ex-showroom Delhi. The 390 Duke gets additional features like the full coloured TFT screen that makes it slightly more expensive than its fully faired sibling.

However, both the bikes are mechanically similar, and are powered by a single-cylinder 373cc engine that generates a maximum power of 43 Bhp and 36 Nm on the RC390. On the 390 Duke, this engine produces slightly higher outputs: 44 Bhp – 37 Nm. However, the RC 390 weighs 147 kg, which is 2 kg lighter than the 390 Duke. The RC 390 is a proper track tool and is quite uncomfortable for longer rides.

KTM Duke 390, RC 390, Yamaha R3 & Kawasaki Ninja 300 in a drag race: Who wins? [Video]

The third most affordable motorcycle in the race is the Yamaha YZF-R3. It is priced at Rs. 3.48 lakhs. It is powered by a parallel-twin cylinder 321cc engine that generates a maximum power of 41 Bhp and 29.6 Nm. The most expensive of the lot is the Ninja 300, which carries a price tag of Rs. 3.6 lakhs, ex-showroom, Delhi. It is powered by a 296cc parallel-twin engine that generates a maximum power of 38.5 Bhp and 27 Nm.

It may be noted that the single-cylinder engines provide much better torque than the parallel-twin engines but they have a downside of vibrations. Both the Ninja and the R3 are considered as one of the smoothest motorcycles in the segment, while the same cannot be said about the KTMs. However, given the price tag and the capability, the KTMs are much more value-for-money than their Japanese competitors.