KTM Duke 390 takes on the Hyundai Verna in a drag race [Video]

We have featured many videos in the past where bikes and cars are involved in a drag race or a top-end battle. We have seen videos where bike goes against a another bike, car vs car and even a bike against a car. This dispute of which is faster, bike or the car does not seem to end anytime soon. This time around we have another drag race between KTM Duke 390 and Hyundai Verna diesel sedan. Who is going to win the race?. Both Verna Diesel and the Duke 390 and powerful vehicles in their segments. To find out who won the race, let’s have a quick look at the video first.

The video has been uploaded by Max 101 on his youtube channel. This is not the first time that he has come up with such a video. In the past we have seen many similar type of videos. The video starts by explaining the technical specifications of both the vehicles. The Duke 390 is powered by a 373 cc, single cylinder, liquid cooled engine that produces 44 Bhp and 37 Nm and the Hyundai Verna is powered by a 1.6 litre diesel engine that produces 126 bhp and 260 Nm of torque which is huge and would help in the race.

Only one round is conducted in the race. Even before the race starts, rider says that the top speed of Duke 390 is about 155 kmph and the Verna has a top speed of around 200 kmph. As the Duke 390 is way lighter than that of the Verna it has advantage and will definitely take the lead as soon as the race starts. The rider however wanted to see how much time does it take Hyundai Verna to overtake the Duke and take the lead. What was supposed to be a drag race was turning into a highway top-end battle.

KTM Duke 390 takes on the Hyundai Verna in a drag race [Video]

The race starts and as expected, Duke 390 takes the lead. Verna after a bit of a wheel spin at the starting point starts moving and gaining speed. KTM kept on building the gap until it reached it’s top speed and then it was Verna’s turn to catch up with the Duke. The gap between Verna and Duke started decreasing and within few seconds, Hyundai Verna overtakes the Duke and wins the race. Verna as per the speedometer had touched 198 kmph.

We do not recommend doing such races on public roads as high risk is involved in such activities. If anyone wants to race or do such activities always prefer a closed patch or a race track to improve your skills. Duke would have won the race if it was a proper drag race, but in a highway top-speed battle bigger engine and more power helps.