KTM Duke 390 & Mahindra Bolero in a high-speed crash; Two young medical students die

KTM Duke 390 & Mahindra Bolero in a high-speed crash; Two young medical students die

In a tragic accident that happened in the wee hours of April 3rd at Dibrugarh, Assam, two medical students were killed as the KTM Duke 390 motorcycle they were on crashed into an oncoming Mahindra Bolero. In what looks like a high-speed crash, the impact was such that the Duke 390 got entangled in the oncoming Bolero.

Both medical students – Bhargav Borsaikia and James Kamgouhao Sitlhou – died at the spot of accident. 3 occupants of the Bolero have been critically injured and have been shifted to a hospital. That the Bolero’s occupants are critically injured shows the sheer impact of the crash.

Bhargav Borsaikia was a fourth year MBBS student at the Assam Medical College in Dibrugarh while James Kamgouhao Sitlhou was a third year MBBS student in the same college. The accident happened  at 530 AM on Monday (3rd April 2018) while he young medical students were returning from Bhargav’s residence to the hostel.

According to NENews, the Duke 390 in question was less than a month old, and was yet to be registered. While not specifically blaming speeding for this particular accident, police officials at Dibrugarh claim that there have been a spate of accidents in the town due to speeding, mainly by younger riders/drivers.

Here’s comment from a police official,

Both the students died on the spot,  and the three occupants of the Bolero were admitted to the Assam Medical College and Hospital in a critical condition. Recently, many accidents have taken place in Dibrugarh.  Many youngsters violate traffic rules and cross their speed limit on the highway. We have organised awareness programmes among the citizens on road safety.

Powerful bike = double the responsibility

The KTM Duke 390 is the most powerful motorcycle that’s on sale in India, this side of the imports. The motorcycle accelerates to 100 Kph in less than 5 seconds. Well, that’s sportscar beating performance on a motorcycle priced at a little over Rs. 2.5 lakhs. The way the Duke 390 delivers power is aggressive, and addictive, especially for those who like the thrill of speed. However, in the wrong hands, the KTM Duke 390 is like a loaded gun.

With so much power on tap on a lightweight motorcycle, it is easy to lose control despite ABS being offered as standard on the Duke 390. Essentially, the motorcycle needs to be ridden responsibly to fully enjoy the thrills it offers. This motorcycle – or any motorcycle for that matter – is not meant for reckless riding. Youngsters wanting to buy a powerful motorcycle must remember to be doubly responsible riders.