Off-roading KTM Dukes show the MASSIVE difference between ABS & non-ABS bikes [Video]

In the Indian market, the ABS will soon become a mandatory feature in all the two-wheelers that are powered by more than 125cc engine. However, till then the non-ABS versions of such bikes will remain on sale in the Indian market. What makes bikes with ABS so special and safer? Well, here is a video that will show you the difference in an ABS and non-ABS bike on an off-road trail.

KTM 390 Duke ABS vs KTM 200 Duke non-ABS

This video shows a new-generation KTM 390 Duke and a KTM 200 Duke going on a dirt path in a jungle. It shows both the bikes taking on the same tails and roads. However, only the KTM 390 Duke gets dual-channel ABS while the KTM 200 Duke seen in the video is without ABS.

The trail is set only a slope the KTM 390 takes on the challenger first. It can be seen in the video that the 390 Duke faces no problem and it smoothly gets down the dirt track without any problem. The KTM 200 Duke comes, and it follows the same path too. However, due to the absence of ABS, the rear tyre of the bike locks up, and it keeps on sliding down the slope. Luckily, the slope was not too steep, and the bike did not go out of control. The rider manages to stop the bike at the end.

Anti-Lock Braking System or ABS is a very crucial device and can save lives during emergencies. It works by sensing the lock of the wheel and releasing the pressure on the brake to prevent the lock-up. ABS can bring down the braking distance and also makes braking safer when the surface is wet. However, when going through off-roading tracks or snowy surfaces, using the ABS can be tricky. On such surfaces, the ABS always senses that the wheel is slipping and it releases the brake, which can cause an increase in the braking distance. That’s why the KTM 390 Duke is offered with switchable ABS that can be turned off when the rider is feeling adventurous.

ABS has saved a lot of mishaps on the roads and there is a large collection of video that shows the same. In India, where stray cattle, jaywalkers and drivers who do not follow traffic rules can be very dangerous on the highways. Having a vehicle with ABS ensures that the vehicle will not go out of control under heavy braking.

Applying the brakes too hard on a non-ABS can cause the brakes to lock up the wheels and throw the rider off the bike. Owners who do not have an ABS-equipped bike should take extreme caution on the roads. Not having ABS can get you into tricky situations where the motorcycle can go out of control and can even fall down under heavy braking.

This is the reason why everyone should choose the ABS versions of any bike over non-ABS versions. Yes, they are a little more expensive but they come in are quite useful. ABS is currently available in most of the bikes and Combi-Brake system. The CBS will be mandatory in all the vehicles from July 1027