KTM Duke crashes into bus; 12 kids saved from burning alive

Accidents have become a major cause of deaths in India. Every day hundreds of people die on road because of accidents. Here is a deadly example of a biker on KTM Duke crashing into a school bus.

What exactly happened?


The rider on the KTM Duke lost control while taking a fast corner and crashed straight into a school bus. The bus was carrying school kids and the motorcycle hit the fuel tank of the bus. The result was a huge fire in which bus driver Devraj acted swiftly to rescue as many as 12 school kids. The biker whose was known by the name of Venkatesh later died in the hospital. The lady pillon rider escaped with injuries.

The accident happened when Venkatesh was returning from Wonder La amusement park on the Duke. The impact of the bike on the fuel tank of the bus created huge flames within few seconds. Emergency serviced were notified almost immediately by a passerby. The driver of the bus named as Devraj, rescued. The kids did not get a single scratch and were sent home by another bus. Devraj went missing from the spot fearing questioning from police.


Venkatesh suffered fatal injuries and succumbed to them later in the hospital. Eyewitness says that Venkatesh was riding in a very reckless manner and investigations are ongoing by the cops. It is also said that the both the rider and the pillion weren’t wearing safety gear.

Takeaways from the accident:


  • Always wear safety gear while riding.
  • Helmet and gloves are the most important part of the riding gear.
  • Always take slow corners when with a pillion as the balance may get disturbed even by small movements by the pillion
  • Ride slow at the blind corners and always be in your lane.
  • Ride responsibly and take note of your surroundings.

Source: Rushlane