KTM Duke 390 with loudspeaker exhaust: Is this India’s LOUDEST Duke? [Video]

At a time when all the modified vehicles are under a scanner due to the new Supreme Court order, this exhaust set-up will definitely catch your attention. Here is a KTM 390 Duke with an aftermarket exhaust and a loudspeaker dome attached to it at the end. How good (or bad) does it sounds? Let’s find out.

KTM 390 Duke Loudspeaker

The set-up of the loudspeaker is done on the new-generation KTM 390 Duke. The bike already gets an aftermarket Yoshimura exhaust that sounds different from the stock exhaust of the bike. The Yoshimura exhaust is much louder than the stock exhaust of the KTM 390 Duke. The end of the exhaust muffler gets the dome of the mouth-type loudspeaker, which implies the sound. The amplified sound from the horn loudspeaker can travel a longer distance in the direction of the speaker but the overall quality degrades. We are not exactly thinking about the quality of the sound but checking how far it can travel with the loudspeaker in place.

The KTM rider goes on to ride the bike around with the loudspeaker dome in place. It is not attached by any external glue and has just been stuck to the end of the muffler. It is quite possible that if the loudspeaker is sealed properly to the exhaust of the bike, it will prevent any leak of sound and the overall result will be much louder.

KTM Duke 390 with loudspeaker exhaust: Is this India’s LOUDEST Duke? [Video]

No electronic amplification has been used here and the loudspeaker dome is directly fed with the exhaust’s note. The bike definitely sounds louder than before and when he rides around with the set-up, the bike loud exhaust note can be heard from a distance too. They did not use any decibel meter to measure the loudness but we are pretty sure that the camera did not catch the sound properly. In real life, the set-up is expected to generate a much louder note.

The loudspeaker dome works by converting high-pressure sound wave in the narrow area to low-pressure sound wave. It happens when the sound wave travels to outwards to the open area of the loudspeaker.

The set-up on the KTM 390 Duke turned a few heads on the roads and a few people even stopped and asked about what they are doing. Is it eye-catchy? Yes. But it is not legal at all. Any police official noticing this set-up will translate into heavy fines or the vehicle getting seized. If you try replicating the experiment, we recommend that you do it in a private place and not on the public roads. The legal limit of exhaust sound from two-wheelers is 80 dB. There are many police officers and traffic inspectors who have started stopping motorcycles with loud exhausts. Such bikes either get seized by the cops or the exhausts are destroyed. Such aftermarket exhausts are not illegal to buy in India but they are illegal to use on the public roads. One can take the bike with modified exhaust to racing tracks or any other private place but not on the public roads.