KTM 390 Duke modified into a CRAZY Scrambler: inspired by the Star Wars

The bike modification scene in India has developed to quite a commendable standard in the last decade. A major factor contributing to the development of the mod scene is the introduction of several international brands along with a host of high standard motorcycles being available at more affordable prices. The KTM Duke series motorcycles have been a pretty popular base for many mind-blowing builds in the country and the bike is a perfect fit for a mod job too. For the same, Guys at Holy Shift Garage lay their hands upon a KTM 390 Duke and transformed it into an outwardly yet stunning piece of a motorcycle.

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It looks mad and is probably the most radical KTM 390 Duke based mod job in India. Called the Bobba, it is based on a Star Wars character named Bobba Fett. In the movies (and comics), Bobba wears a special Mandalorian armour which is a part of his identity. The Bobba we see here also has been designed keeping the character in mind and gets a lot of wild looking edges and panels. The cherry on the cake here is the tank, which has been meticulously set up and painted with the Bobba Fett and Star Wars theme in mind.

The build of this bike is on the lines of a scrambler, and for the same, the front USD forks of the 390 Duke have been replaced in favour of regular telescopic units from a Royal Enfield Thunderbird. The whole trellis frame is now exposed and painted black unlike the bright orange we see on a regular KTM. The rear subframe has been replaced with a custom made trellis unit that suits the scrambler build of the bike better. The front end also gets a custom made subframe that adds to its wild looks.

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The saddle is a custom unit but is more oriented towards aesthetics rather than comfort. The wheels on this bike are a potpourri of several mechanical bits. The rims, brakes and hubs are all from different bikes like the Royal Enfield Himalayan, Thunderbird and the KTM 390 Duke. The spoked rims ae shod on with off-road spec tires which not only make the bike look the part but also adds to its practicality. A hot build is never complete with a roaring exhaust note and for the same, this one has been fitted with an aftermarket unit that makes birds fly off the trees. The exhaust has also been positioned much higher and its piping reworked in order to gain ground clearance.

A Powertronics ECU has been fitted on the Bobba too which has resulted in a bump of nearly 10 per cent in the power output of the bike. The Bobba features a host of changes like the custom new headlight, the coolant canister upfront, the small and stout beak up front and the custom handlebars with grips that add to its look and make it more practical. Without a doubt then, this one is hands down our favourite when asked about crazy Duke 390 builds in India.