KTM Duke & RC 390 FASTER than Yamaha R3, Kawasaki Ninja 300, TVS Apache 310 & Bajaj Dominar: Here’s proof [Video]

The 390 Duke and the RC 390 have been the choice of many motorcycle enthusiasts for a long time. Delivering performance in spades, both these Austrian motorcycles have been well-known for their brisk acceleration and high top speeds. Both these motorcycles are capable enough to give a wide range of motorcycles a run for their money. Here are some videos of drag races that validate this point.

KTM 390 Duke vs Bajaj Dominar

In this video, the 390 Duke outclasses its not-so-distant cousin, the Bajaj Dominar 400. While the Dominar’s engine is closely related to the 390 Duke’s motor, it outputs only 35 PS and 35 Nm. On the other hand, the 390 Duke offers 43.5 PS and 37 Nm. Also, at 149 KGs, the 390 Duke is considerably lighter than the Dominar (182 KGs). As can be seen in the above video, the 390 Duke is quicker off the block and remains much ahead of the Dominar throughout the race. The video provides a good understanding of the huge disparity these two motorcycles have in their power-to-weight ratio.

KTM 390 Duke vs Kawasaki Ninja 300

The Kawasaki Ninja 300 is a much costlier motorcycle than the KTM 390 Duke. It also has a twin-cylinder engine. While the baby Kwacker costs Rs 3.60 lakh, the 390 Duke costs Rs 2.25 lakh. In terms of specifications, the Ninja 300 offers 40 PS while the 390 Duke’s engine produces 43.50 PS. Also, the 390 Duke offers 37 Nm, which is 10 Nm more than what the Ninja 300 offers. Moreover, the 390 Duke weighs 149 KGs, which is much lower than 172 KGs of the Ninja 300. All this gives a clear advantage to the 390 Duke. As you can see in the above video, the 390 Duke is quick to overtake the Ninja 300 and continues to enjoy a clear lead until the end of the race.

KTM 390 Duke vs TVS Apache RR310

The TVS Apache RR310 is the latest rival of the 390 Duke. It offers a grunty motor and comes with mini-me Ducati looks. However, in spite of being a strong performer, it can’t match the 390 Duke in a drag race. The 390 Duke stays ahead of the Apache RR310 right from the start of the race and manages to establish a respectable lead over the latest TVS flagship by the time it reaches the finish line. This is mostly due to the higher power that the 390 Duke enjoys. The new Apache RR310 comes with a 311cc fuel injected engine that outputs 34 PS of maximum power and 27.3 Nm of peak torque. The 390 Duke, on the other hand, offers 43.5 PS and 37 Nm. Also, the 390 Duke is lighter. All this gives the Austrian motorcycle a clear advantage over the TVS Apache RR310.

KTM 390 Duke vs Yamaha R3

The 390 Duke can also give the Yamaha R3, another twin cylinder motorcycle, a run for its money. As seen in the above video, the R3 manages to finally overtake the 390 Duke at really high speeds. However, drag racing is all about the initial 400-meters, and it is here that the 390 excels. Of course, given a very long stretch of road, the R3 can manage to overtake the 390 Duke at high speeds due to its better aerodynamics. Like we’ve been saying, the 390 Duke offers 43.5 PS, which is slightly more than R3’s 42.5 PS. Also, while the 390 Duke costs Rs 2.25 lakh, the R3 costs 3.48 lakh. However, in spite of being costlier, the R3 can’t match the strong acceleration that the 390 Duke offers.

KTM RC 390 vs Bajaj Dominar

The RC 390 is the faired sibling of the KTM 390 Duke. Compared to the 37 Nm of the new 390 Duke, the RC 390 offers 36 Nm. It also weighs 8 KGs more. Both the KTMs offer 43.5 PS. However, in spite of the disadvantages, the RC 390 ends up being much quicker than the Dominar 400. This isn’t surprising as the Bajaj flagship offers only 35 PS and 35 Nm. Hence, as you can see in the above video, the RC 390 easily outclasses the Dominar in a drag race.

KTM RC 390 vs Kawasaki Ninja 300

Like the 390 Duke, even the RC 390 is much cheaper than the Kawasaki Ninja 300. While the Ninja 300 costs Rs 3.60 lakh, the RC 390 costs Rs 2.36 lakh. The Ninja 300 offers 40 PS while the RC 390 delivers 43.50 PS. Furthermore, the RC 390 offers 36 Nm, which is significantly more than the Ninja 300’s peak torque. The RC 390 also weighs lesser than the Ninja 300. Thanks to these advantages, the RC 390 ends up being much quicker than the Ninja 300.

KTM RC 390 vs TVS Apache RR 310

Just like the KTM 390 Duke, the RC 390 is faster than the TVS Apache RR310. While the RC 390 weighs more than the 390 Duke and also has a slightly lower peak torque, it’s still more powerful than the Apache RR310. In a drag race, the RC 390 quickly establishes a clear lead over the Apache RR 310. The Apache RR 310 offers 34 PS of maximum power and 27.3 Nm of peak torque, which is lower than the RC390’s 43.50 PS and 36 Nm. Both the motorcycles are identical in weight but the power and torque advantages the RC 390 offers help it in being quicker than the TVS flagship.

KTM RC 390 vs Yamaha R3

In the final video, we have the RC 390 pitted against the Yamaha R3. The RC 390, with 43.5 PS and 36 Nm, is more powerful than R3’s 42.5 PS and 29.6 Nm. Also, the KTM RC 390 costs Rs 2.38 lakh, which makes it cheaper than the Yamaha R3 (Rs 3.48 lakh). As can be seen in this video, both the motorcycles remain neck-to-neck in the initial part of the race. However, the KTM RC 390 overtakes the R3 around 100 KMPH. The RC 390 stays ahead of the R3 till the finish line. Both the motorcycles max out at roughly 175 KMPH.

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