KTM Duke & RC390 twins BEAT TVS Apache RR 310

KTM Duke & RC390 twins BEAT TVS Apache RR 310

The KTMs are back on top. The KTM Duke 390 and RC390 motorcycles together outsold the TVS Apache RR 310, which had outsold the KTM twins for the past two consecutive months – March and April 2018. In May 2018 though, the KTM Duke 390 and RC390 together sold 663 units, while the TVS Apache RR 310’s sales fell quite steeply to 595 units. The Apache RR 310 sold 862 units in April 2018. What this means is the TVS Apache RR 310 has seen a sharp decline in sales rather than the KTM twins gaining significant ground. It remains to be seen if the Apache’s sales are slowing down or whether the May 2018 numbers are more of a aberration rather than the norm.


The TVS Apache RR 310 sportsbike – the most technologically advanced motorcycle produced by TVS Motors till date – was launched late last year. The motorcycle commanded a steep waiting period right from the word go as TVS Motors launched it across India in a phased manner. While the initial interest for the Apache RR 310 has been very high, the sharp price hikes that the bike has seen in the past few months make it seem steeply priced. The Apache RR 310 now sells at Rs. 2.23 lakhs, ex-showroom Delhi. The KTM RC390, a much more powerful motorcycle, is priced at Rs. 2.37 lakhs, making it just Rs. 14,000 pricier than the Apache.

The key difference between the KTM RC390 and the TVS Apache RR 310 is that the latter has a more relaxed riding position and a lower powered, smaller 311-cc four stroke engine. The KTM RC390 has a more extreme riding position, suitable more for the racetrack than the road. The RC390 is powered by a 373-cc, four-stroke engine with 44 Bhp-37 Nm outputs. While the Apache RR 310 looks a lot fresher than the RC390, it’s the latter that’s king when it comes to outright performance. The Duke 390 is another motorcycle a lot of prospective Apache RR 310 buyers could consider, given the fact that it’s got easier riding ergonomics, much stronger performance and costs around Rs. 17,000 more than the TVS motorcycle.


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