Angry KTM Duke rider blocks Tata Indigo coming from the wrong side: Forces car to go in the right lane [Video]

India’s growing number of vehicles and limited road space inside the city limits is a major concern. Major cities regularly face big jams, especially during the rush hours and most of the times, the vehicles keep on plying because of motorists. Most of the road users in India do not follow the lane discipline and in the areas where there are no physical road dividers, motorists spill over on the opposite lane in a bid to overtake the vehicles and create problems for the vehicles on the opposite side too. This video by Lokesh Swami in Jaipur shows how frustrating it becomes to see vehicles from the opposite direction in the wrong lane and how he forced the vehicle to go back to the right lane.

KTM 200 Duke vs Tata Indigo

The video taken from the helmet-mounted camera of the rider shows him waiting at a traffic signal and then taking off as soon as the light goes green. He then takes a roundabout and soon after exiting it, he spots a privately registered Tata Indigo sedan crossing the double solid line on the road and taking the wrong side to overtake the vehicles.

The rider then stops the bike right in front of the car and tells him that what he is doing is wrong. The rider also tells the car driver that he has recorded the registration number of his vehicle and he has evidence that the vehicle has broken the rules. The Tata Indigo driver finally caves in and reverses his vehicles and tries to get into the right lane. He also says that he is in a rush because he is taking someone to the hospital. The rider asks him to take an ambulance in such emergency cases and not break the traffic rules.

Angry KTM Duke rider blocks Tata Indigo coming from the wrong side: Forces car to go in the right lane [Video]

Wrong side driving

People often resort to taking the wrong side road to overtake other vehicles to avoid traffic. Most often such vehicles choke the entry/exit of a road the jam starts to spill over to the other roads and creates a huge chaotic situation. Many roads in India do not have solid road dividers due to cost constraints and available space. However, as per the laws, two solid lines on the road means that no vehicle can cross it and if the traffic cops want, they can issue a fine against such vehicles. But most of such traffic offenders are let go and ignored as there are many vehicles that do such kind of manoeuvres on the road to save a few minutes.

Create such roadblocks for others can make the traffic jam worse. Another important thing that is missing from the Indian driving culture is the correct usage of the lanes. Most of the drivers do not follow lane markings and often try to change the lane on the crowded roads that slow down the traffic further.

While the state police forces have started using advanced technology like CCTV to monitor offenders for speeding and other offences, lane driving is not something that the cops seem to be worried about right now.

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