KTM Duke riders BUSTED for stunting by abusive cop [Video]

Stunting on the public roads is illegal in India and anyone guilty can be prosecuted. Here is a video that shows a similar incident in Kolkata where a group of bikers on KTM Dukes were stopped and were fined on the spot.

What exactly is happening here?

The video shows a group of riders with their modified stunt-ready KTM Dukes leaving a spot together. All the three riders can be seen wearing helmets while one of them is also wearing a protective jacket. The video has been shot from a helmet-mounted camera of one of the riders in the group. As seen in the video, the bikers take a left on the arterial road and stop at a shop to buy water.

As they were discussing how much water to buy, a police officer on a Royal Enfield motorcycle can be seen coming from the behind and stopping in front of the group. The police officer asks the group of riders where do they belong from. The cop takes out the key from one of the bikes at the spot and continues to question. During the questioning, one of the riders leaves the spot after starting the bike in front of the cop.

After seeing that the person has left the spot leaves the cop super angry and asks the riders to call the rider back. The cop even abuses the riders and asks them to call the runaway biker to the spot. The rider returns to the spot after a couple of minutes.

The angry cop asks for the keys from all the riders and says that there is an order of “shoot on the spot” for all the racers on the road. The cops took the keys and ask the riders to push the bike to the police checkpoint down the road. The cops then issue a fine of Rs. 1,000 under sections 184 of the Motor Vehicles Act, which says dangerous riding on the public roads.

While the police officer became super dramatic about the orders from seniors to shoot on the spot, the riders on the spot took the comment quite sportingly. The riders did not perform any dangerous moves or stunts in front of the cops too. However, the video later shows that they have been practising around what they claim is to be the society road and it still is illegal if it is on the public roads. We cannot verify if the stunt practice was happening inside the society gate or not.

KTM Duke riders BUSTED for stunting by abusive cop [Video]

Two of the riders reportedly came from Delhi for the KTM’s official stunt show in Howrah and it was scheduled to happen the next day. The riders were going to an empty park to practice their stunts when the cops stopped them and issued the fine.