Young Thief Steals KTM Motorcycle Worth Rs. 4 Lakh In Just A Minute [Video]

thief steals KTM motorcycle

People work very hard to achieve their goals and treat themselves with things they dream of. However, some people disregard all of it and break the laws to steal things bought by others. One of the most common items stolen in India is two-wheelers, as they are quick to steal and sell in the black market. Recently, a video of a person stealing a KTM motorcycle worth Rs 4 lakh has been shared online. It shows how these thieves come and quickly steal bikes and other two-wheelers so easily in just a short time.

The video of a person stealing a bike from a gated apartment building has been shared on X (formerly Twitter) by Sagay Raj P on their page. The video, shared with a caption giving a brief about the stealing of this particular KTM motorcycle, shows a masked young man entering a building from the main gate. This case has been reported from Sai Govind Residence, near Babusapalya, Bengaluru, Karnataka. The video shows that this particular young boy was wearing a black mask, a white shirt, and dark-colored pants. He also brought a helmet with him when he was doing the illegal task of stealing someone’s bike.

What happens next?

Young Thief Steals KTM Motorcycle Worth Rs. 4 Lakh In Just A Minute [Video]

Soon after this, it can be noted that he walks towards the bike and then puts his helmet on the seat of the scooter parked in front. Just after this, he can be noted pulling out a key from his right pocket and then putting it in the keyhole of the bike. Just moments later, after fiddling with the bike, he turns on the bike, as noted by the glowing rear brake light. Next up, he immediately wears his helmet, sits on the bike, and then reverses it before leaving the building. It can be observed that the CCTV footage was just one minute long, and most likely, it took the thief around 3-4 minutes in total to execute this bike robbery.

How could this happen so quickly?

Young Thief Steals KTM Motorcycle Worth Rs. 4 Lakh In Just A Minute [Video]

Now, many viewers will have this question in their minds as to how this ordeal happened so quickly. Well, there could be a number of possibilities as to how this happened. The first possibility is that the person stealing the bike is someone who knows the owner and has access to the key of the bike. The other possibility is that this person acquired a duplicate key from somewhere like a dealership, where someone could have got the key made for this specific bike. Now how exactly this thief got this key is currently unknown.

KTM Adventure 390

Young Thief Steals KTM Motorcycle Worth Rs. 4 Lakh In Just A Minute [Video]

Now, as for the bike stolen in this video, it appears to be the KTM Adventure 390 motorcycle worth Rs 3.7 lakh. It comes powered by a 373-cc, single-cylinder, liquid-cooled engine that is seen in Duke and RC 390 motorcycles. The BS6-compliant engine generates a maximum of 43 Bhp and 37 Nm of torque. There is also a more affordable Adventure 250 bike for sale from the brand, which is priced at Rs 2.45 lakh. This bike comes powered by a 248.8cc, single-cylinder liquid-cooled engine. It makes a maximum power of 30 bhp and 24 Nm of torque.