KTM RC rider’s near miss shows why SPEEDING is so dangerous on Indian highways [Video]

Back in the day when I was learning how to drive, my father used to tell me that driving in India is easy if you keep two things in mind. First, you have to drive responsibly, follow traffic rules and avoid doing any silly mistake while driving or riding. But more importantly, you’ll also have to be on a constant lookout for other drivers/riders who could possibly do silly manoeuvres resulting in an accident with you. I kept that in mind and guess what, I do fine when on the road, though something silly happens on the road every other day. The video below by Reffy shows a similar case where an overspeeding KTM motorcycle almost crashed into a Maruti Suzuki Swift that changed lanes suddenly. Take a look at the video below to see how the events unfolded in real.

The video is recorded via an action cam placed on the bike rider’s helmet. It starts with a typical Indian road with traffic coming from both sides. The rider, who is riding an RC series motorcycle, is clearly overspeeding on the traffic-laden road with speeds exceeding 80 km/h. A bit further in the video, we see the rider on the opposite lane of the road trying to overtake a white Maruti Suzuki Swift hatchback. This is where things go wrong all of a sudden. As soon as the biker accelerates and tries to pass the Swift, the hatchback driver changes lanes out of the blue which results in an almost crash like situation for the KTM rider.

Fortunately, nothing serious happened as the biker quickly moved towards the edge of the road. At the kind of speeds both these vehicles were moving, this could have resulted in a far worse situation with fatalities for the bike rider. Before you start blaming any of the parties involved in this near miss, let us tell you that both the KTM rider as well as the Swift driver are at equal fault here. The bike rider was clearly overspeeding in slow-moving traffic and was constantly moving on the opposite lane, which is dangerous on a single lane carriageway. The Swift driver, on the other hand, switched lanes without using indicators to tell the people behind his of the manoeuvre.

Ktm Near Miss Featured

Further, the car driver also did not probably check his ORVM before making the move. Had he done so, he would have spotted the KTM rider coming fast towards the car. In fact, most of the people usually check the IRVM before switching lanes which results in such situations. The IRVM can’t show you the vehicles that have moved to the side or are not in the rear line of sight of a car. Also, the accident could have been averted had the bike rider been a bit more conscious while riding and had he been alert of the road ahead.

One can see in the video that the Swift was directly behind the bus and had slowed down a bit, which mostly means that the vehicle is about to swerve to the other lane and overtake the vehicle ahead. However, this does not justify the driver who didn’t use the indicators before changing lanes. Simply put, while you have to pay attention to your driving, you’ll always need to avert mistakes done by other road users because in the end, it’s you who’ll be at the receiving end.

As a takeaway, ride safe and under the speed limits even when you are on a powerful machine. Riding should be done according to the road and traffic conditions and not according to the vehicle’s power output. While driving a car, always use indicators before switching the lanes and check the ORVMs to spot any oncoming vehicle.