KTM RC200 rider’s Close shave shows what NOT to do while on a bike [Video]

The KTM RC200 is easily among the sportiest motorcycles in its price bracket. The fully-faired KTM offers a punchy motor and is a great corner-carver in the hands of a skilled rider. However, one must not forget that motorcycling has its fair share of risks, especially at high speeds on a public road. The KTM RC200 rider you see in the video below gets a taste of this as he loses balance in a corner. Luckily for him, he just about manages to prevent a fall.

As you can see above, a couple of friends decide to ride their respective motorcycles on a well-paved winding road in Shillong. The video has been captured by an action camera of the second rider, who sees to be using a Bajaj Pulsar NS200. In front him, his friend can be seen riding a KTM RC200.

The video goes on to show the recklessness with which he’s riding his motorcycle. While he’s wearing a helmet, he doesn’t seem to be wearing a knee guard. In spite of this, he can be seen pushing a bit too hard in every corner. Moreover, he is sticking his knee and leaning a bit too much even in the corners that don’t require him to perform all these antics.

The motorcyclist continues to ride like this for a while before he loses his balance in one of the corners due to diesel spilt on the road. Yes, diesel on the road can be very, very slippery, and this is also why pushing a bike too hard on the corners on public roads is extra dangerous. Fortunately, he manages to avoid crashing by literally kicking out of the crash. Full marks to sharp reflexes there.

However, the video goes on to highlight the risks of riding too fast without proper safety gear. While being passionate, this KTM RC200 clearly overlooks the dangers of riding too fast on a public road and without sufficient riding gear. We request all our readers to stay safe and ride sensibly. Also, one should use full safety gear at least on high speeds rides like these.

Video courtesy ProShifter Agnik