KTM rider escapes from cop: Pillion girl falls on the road [Video]

India stands as one of the largest markets for two-wheeler manufacturers worldwide. The market hosts a variety of manufacturers catering to the needs of diverse customer types. Notable manufacturers like KTM provide powerful machines at affordable price points. Additionally, there are manufacturers such as Kawasaki, Ducati, and BMW that offer premium, albeit expensive, motorcycles. Regrettably, despite the prevalence of two-wheeler riders, adherence to traffic rules remains inadequate.

To address this, authorities have implemented cameras and conduct regular checks on the roads to apprehend rule violators. A specific incident captured on video exemplifies this issue: a KTM rider without a helmet manages to evade a pursuing police officer, while the pillion passenger, a girl, unfortunately falls onto the road.

The video was shared by Prateek Singh through his YouTube channel and originates from Bagdogra, West Bengal. Local news channels recorded the incident as traffic cops carried out their inspections at an intersection. The footage illustrates officers halting a youth riding a scooter and capturing the vehicle’s license plate for online fine issuance. This modern practice is gaining traction in many cities, streamlining the process by photographing violating vehicles’ registration plates and delivering fines directly to the owners, negating the need for direct communication.

KTM rider escapes from cop: Pillion girl falls on the road [Video]
KTM biker evading police

Refocusing on the video’s content, it depicts a police officer approaching a KTM RC biker who had stopped at a traffic signal, accompanied by a girl on the pillion seat. Both the rider and pillion passenger were riding without helmets, which the officer noticed. The intention was to halt the biker and issue a fine. However, upon spotting the approaching officer, the biker promptly ran the red light. The acceleration was so swift that the pillion passenger had insufficient time to hold onto the rider and ended up falling onto the road.

Despite this incident, the biker didn’t stop; instead, they continued riding and eventually collided with a scooter. After the collision, the biker managed to regain control of the motorcycle and fled the scene. Meanwhile, the individual recording the incident can be heard shouting about the fallen girl. However, the biker paid no heed and continued their escape.

Fortunately, the police responded promptly, assisting the fallen girl and ensuring her well-being. They settled her beside a shop near the road and checked on her condition. Thankfully, she didn’t sustain any injuries. It’s worth noting that if her head had impacted the road during the fall, the outcome could have been far more severe, potentially resulting in a head injury. Even in her present condition, the possibility of a back injury couldn’t be ruled out. This incident underscores the importance of wearing helmets while riding. Helmets serve as a critical safety measure for riders, rather than a tool for evading law enforcement.

Disturbingly, some individuals even resort to using safety helmets intended for construction sites, a practice that is incorrect and faces penalties in numerous cities. This video is also a good example that shows why pillions should also wear a helmet. As for the KTM biker, authorities likely managed to trace the license plate, facilitating the issuance of a fine.