KTM rider pulls sudden wheelie to impress superbike rider: Girl pillion nearly falls off [Video]

Engaging in stunts on public roads is an offense. Such actions often result in accidents, and we have also witnessed law enforcement taking strict actions against offenders in some instances. Two-wheeler riders with high-performance motorcycles frequently cause disturbances on the road. There are even superbikers who lack a basic sense of riding. Numerous videos are available online where bikers, regardless of their segment, are seen riding dangerously and causing accidents. Here, we have one such video in which a KTM rider attempting a wheelie goes awry. The pillion girl sitting on the KTM almost falls as the biker tries to impress the superbike rider.

The video has been shared by a Z900 rider on their YouTube channel. In this video, the vlogger was riding a Kawasaki Ninja ZX10 R superbike through the city. The motorcycle features an aftermarket exhaust that is loud and garners attention from people on the road. The vlogger records the reactions of people who are looking at his bike. While navigating through the city, he encounters a couple on a KTM Duke motorcycle. Both the rider and the pillion are young and are not wearing helmets or any type of protective gear.

Upon spotting the superbike rider, the KTM rider accelerates and begins riding recklessly, showcasing his self-proclaimed riding skills on public roads. He performs dangerous overtakes with the girl sitting on the bike. The girl consistently looks back at the superbike. The loud exhaust note is likely quite intimidating. The superbike rider doesn’t give up and continues to tail the KTM rider. Both of them ride recklessly in the video, squeezing through narrow gaps between vehicles. The KTM Duke’s number plate is not visible in the video.

Girl nearly falls off the bike

The KTM rider tries to distance himself from the superbike, and the vlogger persists in pursuing them. On a less congested road with relatively fewer vehicles, the rider attempts a stunt by lifting the front wheel in a wheelie. However, the girl on the rear seat is unaware of this action. She is unprepared and not holding onto the rider. As the rider lifts the front wheel, the girl loses her balance and is nearly thrown off the bike. Her legs get caught on the footrest, saving her from falling. The biker quickly realizes the mistake and brings the bike to a halt.

The superbike rider continues to follow them, and instead of advising against repeating the same mistake, he commends the KTM rider. The girl becomes panicked and is seen hitting the rider as they continue forward. Towards the end, we witness the same KTM rider performing the wheelie again, but this time the girl is prepared and holding onto the rider. While this video may appear to be entertaining, it highlights an extremely perilous trend. The superbike rider should have ceased following the KTM rider or maintained a safe distance. The girl was fortunate to have escaped without falling onto the road and sustaining injuries.

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