Kung fu biker cheats death with an unbelievable move [VIDEO]

What happens when you’re on a bike, leaned over in a corner, with a car coming straight at you. You either crash by going off the road, or the car crashes into you. If you hit the car head-on, you’ll either die or be very badly injured. But not if you’re this Kung fu master on a bike.

This incident is said to have happened somewhere in South East Asia, probably in Thailand. As this video shows, the rider of a step-thru, said to be an ex-Kung fu master, was straight into the path of an oncoming car that was overtaking a pick-up truck on a curve.

The rider, who’s also at good speed around the corner, spots the car at the last minute. And he can’t brake or change direction in time. So, he simply gets off the moving bike and runs away from what’s a certain crash. His bike goes on to hit the overtaking car. The biker does lose his balance while running but manages to walk away relatively unscathed. The biker’s reflexes are just unbelievable, as the slow-motion footage indicates.

Always be cautious around a bend

While the car driver was obviously very stupid here as he was overtaking other vehicles around a bend, bikers need to be cautious as such stupid drivers are dime a dozen in almost all parts of the world. As a biker, it’s your responsibility to stay out of trouble wherever possible. This also means that you shouldn’t really be cornering hard on a blind curve. Period.

If you can’t see where you’re going, slow down, or worse stop and proceed cautiously. This is one of the most important principles of safe motorcycling that this Kung fu master ignored. Luckily for him, his martial-arts trained reflexes saved the day. Others won’t be as lucky. And for all car people reading this, never, ever overtake on a blind curve. You could easily kill yourself, or someone else.