Ladakh tourists in a Toyota Fortuner throw garbage: Bikers stop them & make them take it back [Video]

Post the second wave of Corona virus in the country, most of the states have opened their borders and people who have been sitting in their houses have now started to come out. Several tourists spots have have also opened up and we have already seen reports of traffic jams created by tourists in hill stations. Most of the hill stations are crowded and one of the other problem that these tourists spot face other than spreading Corona virus is litter. Yes, most of tourists spots are being polluted by tourists as they throw away plastic bottles and other garbage out on the road from their vehicles while travelling. Here we have a video where a biker is seen giving back the trash thrown by a tourist from their SUV in Ladakh.

The video has been shared by a HVK Facebook page. It is a short video, where a biker is seen giving the trash back to a tourist who are travelling in a Toyota Fortuner. Incident happened in Ladakh which is actually holds a special spot in the heart of almost every biker. It looks like the bikers were riding behind the Toyota Fortuner when the incident happened. One of the occupants from the SUV threw a plastic water bottle outside the vehicle.

Bikers saw this and one of them went to pick up the bottle while the other started chasing the Fortuner. The biker successfully stopped the Fortuner and started requesting them not to throw trash outside. He can even be heard saying on the video that they are travelling in a car and why can’t they simply keep the trash inside their vehicle.

Ladakh tourists in a Toyota Fortuner throw garbage: Bikers stop them & make them take it back [Video]

Occupants inside the vehicle did not argue with the biker and admitted that they did a wrong thing. Meanwhile, the other biker who went to pickup the bottle joined the biker and they handed over plastic bottle to the occupants in the Toyota Fortuner. The biker requests the occupants once again to not repeat it and then mentions that because of such practices from tourists, Ladakh is slowly becoming more polluted.

This is not just a thing that is happening in Ladakh. Various medias have reported over the years that tourists have been throwing plastic wastes in various hill stations and these beautiful spots are turning into garbage dump. There are certain basic things that the tourists must follow while travelling to such spots. One of them is to not make a mess of the place. If they keep the plastic covers and other non degradable waste with them in the car or bike this problem can be solved. Never throw a trash out on the road, be it a tourist spot or not.

Recently, MP from Ladakh, Jamyang Tsering Namgyal had urged people visiting Ladakh not to throw waste during their trips. He shared images of spots where tourists had thrown plastic waste. He welcomes tourists and requested them not to hamper the nature.

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