‘Ladki beautiful Chull’ singer Fazilpuria’s brand new Mercedes Benz seized — On camera!

At a regular check post in Gurugram, rapper Fazilpuria’s brand new Mercedes Benz E-Class was seized. The rapper and singer who shot to fame because of the song “Chull” that went viral was driving a brand new E-Class.

Here’s what happened


The rapper was crossing a check-post on MG Road, Gurugram, a little after midnight when the cops stopped the vehicle for a regular alcohol test. The rapper failed the test and created a huge drama at the scene that was captured on the camera.

The singer argued with the cops for an hour claiming that he was not drunk. He demanded that the alcohol level be tested using another machine and also requested a blood test. The cops did give in to the request of a test with a different machine, but the blood test requests were not entertained.

When the cops asked for driving license, Fazalpuria did not have it. The cops immediately seized the brand new E-Class which had temporary registration plates. The singer, however, produced a copy of a challan from last year that shows his driving licence was confiscated for an offence, and said he never took it back from the court. The singer was driving with two other friends while another car was following him with staff and bouncers behind.

Moolchand, Additional SHO and Sub-inspector, Gurgaon Police, tells us, “We were conducting our regular drive when we stopped Fazilpuria, who was driving his Mercedes in an inebriated state. When we asked him to show his documents, he refused. He appeared to be drunk so we asked him to take the alcometer test. He was hesitant at first and then he started arguing. When we finally convinced him to give the test, his alcohol level was above the legal limit.

What was the argument?

Fazalpuria constantly harped on the fact that he did not have any alcohol. He said that the alcohol meter is showing positive due to the paan that he had earlier consumed and because of the car perfume inside the vehicle. Fazalpuria was tested four times for the alcohol with the handheld machine and all four times the test was positive.

Fazalpuria told TOI, “We were returning home — in Fazilpur — from MG Road when we were stopped at a checkpoint. I was driving and there were two other people in the car with me. Both of them were drunk but I wasn’t. They checked me with their meter and it showed I was drunk. I requested them to check me again but they did not. I was just saying that maybe it showed that I was drunk as I had had paan a few minutes ago. I never argued with them.

What happens now?

The cops have issued a challan to the singer for drunken driving and driving without a license. Fazalpuria will have to be present at a court where the fine will be decided. The minimum penalty for such offence is Rs. 5,000. The car is likely to be released after the fine is collected.

Via: TOI, Image: HT