Lady cop stops fleeing Honda Activa rider by holding onto the moving scooter [Video]

Countless traffic violators are caught each day in India for various reasons. Some of them try to escape the fine and flee the spot. Here is one such video from Gujarat where a woman on a Honda Activa tries to run away from the spot.

What is happening here?

The video shows a woman rider coming out of the crowd and trying to speed away on the main road. The female traffic constable quickly realises that she is trying to run from the spot and grabs her pillion grab rail. The woman constable tries to stop the woman on the scooter but the lady rider does not pay a heed and keeps on accelerating. After the woman constable refuses to let go of the scooter, the female rider finally stops.

The incident took place in the busy streets of Rajkot and the video was taken on a mobile phone. After stopping the scooter rider, the lady constable quickly removes the key to ensure that she does not attempt to flee the scene again.

Police forces from across the country have been criticised for taking out the keys from two-wheelers while being flagged down at check-points. In a few cases, riders even met with accidents due to the sudden power loss in the bike. Most of the police forces practice this regularly to keep the miscreants in check.

There should be a way to track down such vehicles that flee from the spot and fine them heavily. Currently, most police officers do spot fines and many states also send challans to the registered addresses of the culprits. However, there are a few fines that can be done on the spot only and for that, the cops have to flag down vehicles and two-wheelers.

It is surprising that the woman constable did not lose balance while trying to stop her. The woman could have suffered serious injuries. It is not known why the scooter was stopped in the first place. The woman rider is not wearing any helmet in the video, which is mandatory in India for both males and females.