Lady KTM rider trying to save an injured pup gets harassed by drunk men

Riding solo in India, especially on the highways can be dangerous. Most highways remain secluded and most motorists do not like to stop to help others. A rider who goes by the name Vishakha stopped to help an injured pup on the highway. She was harassed by drunk men at the spot.

The video uploaded on Ridergirl Vishaka shows her journey on the highway riding a KTM 390 Duke. She stops at a roadside stall to buy biscuits for the dogs on the way. On the way, she planned to feed the dogs on the highway. However, things turned out quite shocking and scary for her after some time.

In the video, she stops about 20 km before Belgaum to feed the dogs and leaves a few biscuits near a lamp post so that the dogs can eat them later. However, a stranger comes near her and says “Daaru chahiye” or if she is looking for alcohol as the wine shop was nearby. The rider ignores him and heads to the service lane where she could hear a dog barking.

She leaves the KTM 390 Duke on the main highway and heads to the service lane. She finds out a pup surrounded by a few men who inform her that the pup is injured. The men also inform her that there is another pup that is dead. This happened recently when a car hit these pups.

Vishaka becomes quite frantic after looking at the injured pup. She asks if there is a hospital around that place. However, the men on the spot say that the nearest hospital is about 20 km away from that point. She then calls the PETA emergency number but could not get any help.

Helping the pup

Lady KTM rider trying to save an injured pup gets harassed by drunk men

She takes out tissues and makes the pup drink water. However, in the meantime, she gets surrounded by several men who even starts to record her. The men start recording her on the mobile phone. She takes away the pup from the spot and takes it to her bike – the KTM 390 Duke. The men come and ask her where did she come from.

After several men come and try to talk to her, she dials 100 number for the police. However, the cops say that she has dialled the number of Kolhapur Police Station while she is near Belgaum. The cops also did not help. That’s when she decided to act on her own. A few men try to snatch the pup from her but she screamed and ensure that no one touches the dog.

Later, she wrapped the pup in a cloth bag and asks for help from the passing motorists. However, no one stops. She rides with the pup to a nearby shop and gets a box to keep the pup. She also claims that people followed her in car and bikes. However, a toll gate operator came to her rescue after he came on a bike and asked her to follow him on the way to an animal rescuer. The video shows how the Indian highways can turn dangerous to travellers. Do you have any such experience on the highways? Do share them with us in the comments below.