Lady refuses to vacate driver’s seat: Asks driver to drive bus from any other seat (Video)

Social media has become a part of our lives now and while scrolling through our feed, we often come across some interesting or funny videos. Some of these are from India and some are not. While some of these videos are scripted, there are a few original videos that are circulating online. Here we have one such video where a bus driver can be seen arguing with a lady who is sitting on his seat. When asked to move, the lady asked the driver to find another seat and drive the bus from another seat.

The video has been uploaded by Shirish Thorat a Twitter user. The video has been recorded by a local who had gathered around the bus after the incident. In this video, we can see a lady sitting on the driver seat of a bus. The bus is parked at a terminal and there are other buses parked next to it. When the driver came back, he saw the lady sitting on his seat and asked her move. The lady did not move and started arguing with the driver. The exact location where this happened is not clear however, it is definitely North India.

The video caption says that the lady sitting on the driver seat was travelling with her mother-in-law. While her mother-in-law found a seat at the back, the lady sat on the driver seat. The driver can be see trying to explain why she cannot sit there but, the lady does not want to hear anything. She keeps on arguing with the driver and after some time, the mother-in-law also gets engaged in the argument and asks the driver to go and sit somewhere else. As we cannot completely understand the slang that they are speaking in the video, we had a look into the comment section.

Lady refuses to vacate driver’s seat: Asks driver to drive bus from any other seat (Video)
Lady sitting on driver seat arguing with driver

One of the comment mentions that the lady is saying that the whole bus is empty but the guy only wants the seat on which she is sitting. It is not clear what exactly is happening here. We are not sure whether they are making a scene for the sake of publicity on social media or was this actually an innocent mistake. The mother-in-law sitting on the other seat can be heard asking the driver to drive the bus from some other seat. This is probably the first time, we have come across a video like this on social media.

Towards the end of the video, we get to see the person recording the video and many locals have gathered around the bus to see the drama. The bus driver was constantly trying to explain that he cannot drive the bus from any other seat or why does he need the seat to drive the bus but, both ladies were not in the mood to listen. At the end the driver can be seen trying to pull her out of the seat but, she keeps on resisting and hold on to the cabin of the bus. We are not sure whether the lady was unaware of the basic fact on how a vehicle is driven or what is the role of a driver or was she simply trying to create a scene for a video.