Lady superbiker nearly assaulted by a mob in a road rage incident in Karnataka

Riding motorcycle in any part of India can be a challenging and daunting task. That’s because in most cases, the car drivers do not even pay attention to the bikers on the road causing accidents and putting the two-wheel riders in trouble. Also, riding big bikes attracts a lot of eyes on the roads and it becomes a hotspot on the roads. We have seen quite a few incidents where the locals target the bikers for something that is not even substantial. Here is one incident where a localite nearly assaulted Kiran, a well-established woman biker who has ridden in various locations in India on motorcycles.

The first video which came out a few weeks ago where a car comes from behind and rear-ends Kiran’s bike. When confronted, a few people gathered on the spot and someone from the crowd pushed Kiran very badly. The crowd then behaved very badly with the group of bikers who were with Kiran. The situation turned ugly within a few minutes and the group of bikers left from the spot without getting into further arguments with the crowd.

What really happened?

On the channel WROOM With KIRAN SACHIN, Kiran says that the incident started a few kilometres ago. The car driver was driving too close to the bikers and as there is no footage of the incident, Kiran says that the car driver took a rash turn that almost hit the biker in the group. After that, the group of the bikers slowed down so that the car driver overtakes and goes ahead. However, the car driver also slowed down and kept on the following the group of bikers.

After the car driver slowed down to a speed of 10 km/h, the group decided to overtake and go ahead. They saw the car driver following them and driving rashly around the group. The footage in the first video shows that the car driver hit the bike of Kiran from behind. Kiran explains that she did not stop. They slowed down because of the intersection and a car was crossing them.

Lady superbiker nearly assaulted by a mob in a road rage incident in Karnataka

As soon as the car hit Kiran’s bike, she got down from the bike and went to the co-driver’s side to talk to the driver as Sachin was on the driver’s side. She was confronting the driver when some random person came from behind and pushed Kiran very badly. As soon as it happened, the locals mobbed the group of bikers. Kiran says that the mobs became quite aggressive and they were speaking in the local language. Since all the bikes had Maharashtra number, the locals seem to have ganged upon them.

They then went to Murudeshwar Temple while Sachin was guarding the bikes as the locals became very aggressive and could have damaged the motorcycles. Kiran says that it is not about a woman or man and she does biking because she loves it. Kiran says that it does not matter if it is a man or a woman, road rage should not happen and no one has the right to push anyone.

Riding in India on expensive bikes does attract a lot of attraction and we have seen many videos where locals gang on the bikers and even beat them. The best way to avoid such situations is to avoid the aggressor, especially when you are in a different state.