India’s only Lamborghini Centenario is actually a Honda Civic

Exporting cars in India is not an easy country when it comes to car imports. With the high import taxes involved, there are only a few people who can import vehicles and use them legally in this country. That is why many enthusiasts resort to modifying regular cars and make them look like exotic replicas. Here is one such replica modified in Jaipur by Prateek Nagpal. Under the skin, it is a Honda Civic though. Here are the details.

This Lamborghini Centenario replica has the same dimensions as the original Centenario as the video mentions. It has a two-stage retractable roof that is operated by a battery. The roof retracts inside to reveal the two-seats of the Centenario replica. To give it an original look, they have also added electrically operated scissor doors. With a push of a button, the doors open in an upward direction.

The seats are customised with Lamborghini logo. As per the video, it gets carbon finish with Nappa leather that gives the most exotic feeling. The dashboard is also modified with the Lamborghini logo and Nappa leather cover. There is a central console with Lamborghini-styled ignition button and the gear selector is through a button. There are more buttons for the climate control system and the touchscreen infotainment system in the middle.

Powered by Honda Civic

The engine and transmission of the car are from Honda Civic. This is the old generation Honda Civic and not the new Civic that was launched in 2019. It is a front-wheel-drive car. There are no changes done to the ground clearance and other parts of the vehicle. It gets 18-inch alloy wheels. The alloys are installed using spacers that make the car look sportier too. The modification garage even used replica headlamps that look like original parts and even the tail lamps look like the original car. Overall, it sure attracts a lot of eyes on the roads and will turn a lot of heads.

India’s only Lamborghini Centenario is actually a Honda Civic

According to the video, it takes about 6 to 8 months to convert one of these cars. Most of the parts are fabricated and then installed. The price is around Rs 15 lakh but we recommend you to connect with them directly to get more details on the price and the donor vehicle.

You should note that modification of vehicles in banned in India. This modification system changes the whole model of the car. In many states, police teams and RTO seize such vehicles. However, such modifications can be used in private tracks like a racing track or a track inside the farm house. However, it is illegal to drive them around on public roads.

Lamborghini Centenario

The Centenario is a special car that was launched by the Italian manufacturer in 2016. Only 40 units of this car were ever made. Lamborghini was celebrating the 100th birth anniversary of its founder – Ferrucio Lamborghini and the Centenario was launched to mark the occasion. Both coupe and roadster version of the model was launched in the market. Twenty each were launched. This is a mid-engine, all-wheel-drive car. Lamborghini announced that all the forty units were sold within a few minutes of the announcement. Lamborghini offered a rear-wheel steering system with the Centenario for the first time.