Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder owner thrashed in Bangalore for allegedly speeding, loud exhaust [Video]

Due to the COVID-19 lockdown that lasted for weeks in India, the vehicular activities have become much less than the pre-lockdown time. Many performance car and bike owners, who use to get on the weekend rides could not do so for a long time. With the restrictions slowly lifting up in many parts of the country, people are taking the opportunity to get out on the relatively empty roads. A Lamborghini Gallardo owner in Bangalore, Karnataka went for a drive but the irked by the loud exhaust noise, he was beaten up by the locals. Here is what happened.

The incident happened on Sunday morning when the Lamborghini owner went out for a quick spin on the empty city roads. He was accompanied by a female co-driver. The incident happened when the car was going through RT Nagar, Bangalore. The residents of the locality caught him and then started beating him up. According to the report, the locals claim that he was driving through the neighbourhood at high speed while caused the engine to rev at a higher pace and make more sound. The residents have stopped him because of his high-speed runs and the high exhaust note

The video shows several people manhandling the owner of the car who was driving the sports car. The Lamborghini Gallardo owner was circled by a lot of people and he can be seen taking a lot of blows on him. The lady was trying to stop the mob but it was of no help. We are not sure if the Lamborghini driver was revving the car necessarily. However, manhandling someone like this is surely not legal.

The driver and the co-driver were eventually let off the mob. The video has now become viral and it has even reached the Deputy Commissioner of Police. The DCP said that they are investigating the incident currently and will take action after receiving more information. No case has been registered as of now.

An older video of the same car

This is not the first time a loud supercar has irked the citizens of Bangalore. Back in 2015, cops seized a yellow Gallardo from Mohammad Nisham. The car was seized after residents of a neighbourhood complained of loud exhaust noises late in the night.

Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder owner thrashed in Bangalore for allegedly speeding, loud exhaust [Video]

Supercars and superbikes are made in made to sound louder than the regular vehicles. If the car or a bike is in stock condition, it meets the noise pollution law laid out by the authorities. While people may get disturbed due to such loud exhausts, it is never the right way to pull out someone from the car and beat them up. There should always a formal complaint and let the police do their work instead of taking the law in your own hands.