Did a Lamborghini really break down in Nashik? We bring you the real story [Video]

Two pictures of six people trying to push a Lamborghini car are going viral on the Internet. The images are from Nashik, Maharashtra and the news reports claim that it is a super expensive Lamborghini Huracan. But what is the real story here?

The incident happened in Upendra Nagar in Nashik. Many news reports claimed that due to the potholes on the city roads, a wire connection from the battery of the Lamborghini came out of its place and it caused the car to stop. It took six people to push the car to the roadside to avoid a traffic jam.

Did a Lamborghini really break down in Nashik? We bring you the real story [Video]

How true is that? Well, the pictures show that it is a Lamborghini but underneath it is a Honda Accord. It is a replica model that someone commissioned. We are not sure about exactly what happened with the car and why it stopped though.

This is the fake Lamborghini that you see in the pictures

So the reports going around claiming that a Lamborghini Huracan stopped in the middle of the road is all fake. If anyone pays attention to the car, they will notice that this is not a real Lamborghini.

Did a Lamborghini really break down in Nashik? We bring you the real story [Video]

Fake Lamborghinis can look authentic

While the replica model of Lamborghini in these pictures are clearly fake, there are a few better fakes around the world. This video shows both the Lamborghini Aventador sportscars side by side. Both the cars look very similar to each other and if someone has not spotted a real Lamborghini ever, the fake is good enough to pass on as a real one.

There are quality issues as expected. Like the door of the fake Lamborghini has a lot of play when it is opened. Also, the makers of the fake Lamborghini did put a lot of attention to the details like the headlamps, rake of the window glass, size of the three-quarter glass, door handles, logo and other parts. But small things like a missing headlamp washer and panel gaps are very common.

The blue Lamborghini Aventador in this video is a real one while the red one is fake.

There are numerous replica Ferraris and Lamborghinis doing rounds on the Indian roads but they are not legal. In India, such vehicles are not allowed on public roads and can be seized.

In many foreign markets, such as cars are very popular and there are also kit cars that are replicas of iconic models like the Ford GT40 and Shelby Mustang. However, there is no such culture in India. While many prefer owning replica models, they can cost a lot depending on the quality.

One should note that modification of vehicles in banned in India. This modification system changes the whole model of the car. In many states, police teams and RTO seize such vehicles. However, such modifications can be used in private tracks like a racing track or a track inside the farm house. However, it is illegal to drive them around on public roads.

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