Land Rover Defender, Mahindra Thar, Maruti Gypsy & Toyota Fortuner go off-roading [Video]

Off-roading culture in India is slowly catching up. There are several SUV owners group who organise off-road trips for SUV owners who want to explore the capabilities of their SUVs. There are several videos of SUVs off-roading available online and we have featured many of them on our website. Most of these groups have an experienced off-roader who guides them to clear off-road obstacles safely. Here we have a video where a Land Rover Defender, Mahindra Thar, Maruti Gyspy and a Toyota Fortuner go off-roading.

The video has been uploaded by Anshuman Bishnoi on his YouTube channel. In this video, the vlogger and his other SUV owner friends are off-roading in their SUVs. They come across an obstacle which was already damaged and had too deep ruts in them. The and Rover Defender 110 owner decided to go first. He came down the slope to check whether the SUV would get stuck at any point or not. The ground clearance on a Land Rover Defender can be increased with the touch of button. The owner did just that. The set the ground clearance to the highest setting and slowly came down the slope.

With increased ground clearance, Land Rover was able to come down the slope neatly and also managed to go up the slope without any issues. After Land Rover, it was the turn of current generation Mahindra Thar. The SUV managed to climb up the obstacle even though the track was damaged. The MLD in the Thar worked perfectly and helped it climb up the slope. After Thar, Maruti Gypsy attempted the same stretch. Gypsy being a very light weight vehicle, it managed to come up the slope. It is so light that the driver can actually carry good speeds while approaching such steep climbs.

Land Rover Defender, Mahindra Thar, Maruti Gypsy & Toyota Fortuner go off-roading [Video]

After the Gypsy, a previous generation Toyota Fortuner attempted the climb. Unlike the current version Fortuner, the older version did not have any diff locks. It had open differentials and the track was badly damaged. Fortuner is a heavy SUV and it could not manage to climb up. It was getting stuck in one of the ruts and the wheels were spinning freely. The Fortuner driver attempted several times but, it was of no use. A Mahindra Thar 700 which was also present at the spot for off-roading also managed to climb up without any difficulties.

Most of the SUVs present at the spot cleared the obstacle at the first attempt except for the Fortuner. This does not mean Fortuner is a not suitable for off-roading. Fortuner did not have any off-road modifications in it and if the driver carried speed to climb up, there are chances that the SUV might get damaged. If it had an off-road bumper and a skid plate, then the owner would have been slightly more confident. Fortuner damaged the track even more and after that, it became slightly difficult for Defender and Maruti Gypsy but, they still went up. The Mahindra Thar SUVs were getting beached as they did not have enough ground clearance.