Land Rover Discovery Sport owner sells SUV to buy a brand new Tata Safari

Luxury car owners generally look to upgrade to more expensive car models. However, there have been instances where the owner of luxury branded vehicles switch back to the standard commuter vehicles. Here is one such instance where the owner of Land Rover Discovery Sport sold his SUV and bought the Tata Safari Persona Edition.

Land Rover Discovery Sport owner sells SUV to buy a brand new Tata Safari

According to the post on the social media group, Deepak Gupta sold his red coloured Land Rover Discovery Sport and bought the Tata Safari Persona edition. The owner has not shared minute details like how much did he sell the car for and if he exchanged the vehicle at the dealership to buy the Tata Safari.

The owner Deepak Gupta has shared his experience in the Tata Safari Group on social media. The owner says,

Bought Safari adventure persona after selling my Discovery Sport, after using it for two years. must say that TATA has really upgraded its standard in every possible manner and has given functions better than discovery( space inside, boot space, sunroof, interiors, colour, suspension, engine, mileage, looks and everything safari is giving in its top variant is up to the mark and well crafted) must say that now we can really think of using “make in India “Suvs rather than running behind the other non-Indian brands.

According to the owner’s post, he used the Discovery Sport for two years. He also seems to be surprised by the Tata’s quality standard in the car. In fact, Deepak Gupta, the owner mentions that the Tata Safari offers much better features like a panoramic sunroof, cabin theme, and other such features that are not available with the Discovery Sport.

Land Rover Discovery Sport owner sells SUV to buy a brand new Tata Safari

Safari’s platform derived from Land Rover Discovery Sport’s

Tata Harrier and Safari are based on the Omega-Arc or the Optimal Modular Efficient Global Advanced Architecture platform. It is a new platform that is derived from Land Rover’s D8 platform. The D8 architecture underpins the Land Rover Discovery Sport and that is why the ride quality and body control in both vehicles are almost similar.

The D8 platform is now many years old. There are a few differences between the two platforms that allow Tata to price the vehicles much lower than Land Rover. One should know that Tata Motors owns Land Rover Jaguar. The key differences include the use of steel in the Omega-Arc while Land Rover uses aluminium to keep the weight light. Both the platforms have similar suspension mounting points but there are a few different components.

Tata Safari offers a longer feature list

The Land Rover Discovery Sport is assembled in India with far fewer localisation components than the Safari that is completely manufactured in India. This makes the Land Rover Discovery Sport more expensive due to the taxes. The most affordable Land Rover Discovery Sport in the UK costs about Rs 33 lakh, ex-showroom while in India the price starts at Rs 65 lakh, ex-showroom.

Tata Safari, on the other hand, is priced at Rs 15 lakh and goes up to Rs 23.17 lakh. This makes the Safari much more cost-effective and adds value-for-money compared to the Land Rover Discovery Sport or any luxury-branded car that is not fully manufactured in India.