Land Rover Discovery driver drags a man on bonnet for 3 KMs: Police to the rescue [Video]

We have seen multiple accounts of car drivers dragging people on the bonnet in the past. Here is one more account and this is from the streets of Delhi. The incident happened on the Ring Road of the capital of the country. According to an eyewitness, he saw the Land Rover Discovery with a man hanging on the bonnet for about 3 km.

The victim identified as Chetan gave his statement to the media and said he was near Ashram Chowk when the Land Rover Discovery SUV touched his vehicle three times. Chetan then got out of his car and stood in front of the Discovery. However, the driver of the Discovery started driving and Chetan climbed on the roof to save himself.

The driver of a Land Rover Discovery drove for about 2-3 km before a Police Control Room (PCR) van spotted the man. After police chased the Land Rover Discovery driver, he stopped on the side of the road.

The accused, Ramchand Kumar, says that Chetan came and stood in front of his car. When he asked him to move, Chetan did not budge. So Ramchand Kumar started driving and Chetan hooked to the bonnet. Ramchand further says that he stopped and asked Chetan to get down but he did not listen. He also denies any kind of incident between the two cars.

Instances of police officers being dragged on the bonnet of vehicles are not uncommon, and several similar incidents have been reported in Delhi-NCR in the past. Drivers of such vehicles are typically apprehended promptly.

Road rage can escalate

Land Rover Discovery driver drags a man on bonnet for 3 KMs: Police to the rescue [Video]

Road rage can occur unexpectedly and can quickly escalate. It’s crucial to remain calm while driving, especially on chaotic Indian roads. Here are some tips to avoid a road rage incident:

Driving should be a relaxing experience, so try to stay as relaxed as possible. Turn on the music and air conditioner to help you relax, take deep breaths, and take it easy. Maintain a good mood while on the road.

Stay within the speed limit, use turn signals when changing lanes, check your rearview mirrors regularly, and allow for mistakes or aggressive behaviour by other drivers.

In other words, try to be as courteous as possible. Even with your utmost efforts to drive smoothly, you may come across overly aggressive drivers on the road. These drivers may exhibit behaviours like excessive honking, tailgating, gesturing and using profanity, weaving or straddling lanes, sudden acceleration, and abrupt braking.

In such situations, it is best to simply let these reckless drivers go and hope that karma catches up with them. It’s not worth your time or energy to try and teach them a lesson or engage with them. Instead, try to divert your mind and think about your loved ones to quickly calm your nerves.

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