Expensive Land Rover Discovery rescued by a humble Mahindra Thar [Video]

There is a common belief that if the SUV is expensive, it will be much more capable and will be able to go through obstacles without any problem. Well, most of the times that’s not the case. It is true that most expensive SUVs offer additional technology and features that help during off-roading courses but these expensive SUVs can also get stuck royally. And sometimes need the help of humble SUVs to come out of the situation.

The video by Lokesh Swami shows a Land Rover Discovery around an off-roading course with many other vehicles around. The price of a new Land Rover Discovery is much more than Rs. 50 lakhs, which makes it multiple times more expensive than a Mahindra Thar or Gurkha. The video further shows that all the vehicles crossing different obstacles around and then lined up to cross an artificial water crossing.

A few other Mahindra Thar SUVs can be seen crossing the puddle of water without much of a problem. They go straight through the water crossing without a hint of getting stuck. The Land Rover Discovery being an expensive vehicle, the driver entered the puddle more carefully and a slower speed than other vehicles. Since the momentum was very low while entering the puddle, the Discovery got stuck in the puddle.

Expensive Land Rover Discovery rescued by a humble Mahindra Thar [Video]

The driver tried making different moves to come out of the puddle but just could not. The road-biased tyres kept on spinning on the spot and the SUV could not get enough traction to come out. Eventually, someone had to get inside the puddle and tie a towing rope to the rear of the Discovery and had to pull out the vehicle. A humble Mahindra Thar pulled out the stuck Land Rover Discovery from the puddle after it had tried all the ways.

The side cladding on the door sill of the Discovery came out in the process too. The Land Rover Discovery here got beached in the puddle due to lower ground clearance and spinning of the wheels at the same spot for a long time. The Discovery itself is a pretty capable vehicle and boasts of deep water wading capabilities among many other off-roading related features.

However, driving experience and knowing the vehicle that you’re driving are two of the major factors to be a successful off-roading driver. Since the Land Rover Discovery driver worried about damaging the vehicle while entering the puddle, he did not speed up, which killed the momentum and the SUV got stuck. Further, all other Mahindra Thar SUV that is in the video is modified and are fitted with aftermarket tyres, which are much more suitable on such off-roading courses. The Discovery was on stock tyres.