Land Rover reveals 16 new variants, which ones will India get?

Land Rover is planning to launch 16 new models in the next seven years, up to 2020. Now, with Jaguar-Land Rover being a Tata company, we can expect quite a few of these models to make it to Indian shores.

The Land Rover line up includes six models of Range Rovers (including upgrades to existing Range Rovers), five new Land Rover Discovery variants and five variants based on the rugged Land Rover Defender platform (both old and new). These plans were apparently leaked during a routine presentation – when the new variants slide popped up in the UK. Also read: Three SUVs to look forward to in 2013

Land Rover reveals 16 new variants, which ones will India get?

Jaguar Land Rover plans to invest about 10 billion pounds (Rs. 87,000 crore) in the next five years in its global expansion plans, with India and China being a key part of that strategy. Here is the line up of Range Rovers and Land Rover range vehicles planned in the next seven years globally:

Range Rover (Luxury Line)

–          Long wheelbase Range Rover

–          Aluminium-alloy platform Range Rover Sport

–          Range Rover Evoque XL

–          Range Rover Evoque (existing model probably gets a facelift)

–          Range Rover Evoque cabriolet (for the US market)

–          Range Rover Baby Evoque (two doors, under 4 metres)

Land Rover Discovery & Freelander (Leisure line up)

–          Luxury Land Rover Discovery based on Range Rover Sport

–          New Land Rover Discovery to replace Discovery 4

–          New Freelander seven seater

–          New Freelander five seater

–          New Baby Freelander based on the Evoque

Land Rover Defender (Utility line up)

–          Defender pick up and twin cab by 2015

–          Long-wheelbase Defender, seven seater by 2016

–          Standard Defender (three door)

–          Present Defender – for developing markets

–          DC 100 Defender – new look Defender based on Evoque platform

What is interesting, is that in the presentation it was revealed that the new Defender family will mainly be built in India, and will use components sourced in India, while a significant number of other Land Rover models will be built at a new plant in China.

Land Rover reveals 16 new variants, which ones will India get?

So which models will India get from this line up?

The Range Rover range is already sold here, so as fully built units one can expect an upgrade to the Range Rover Evoque as and when that happens. The Range Rover Sport and long wheelbase Range Rover will also definitely make it to the Indian market, replacing existing models.

But what’s interesting is to look at the mix of the Defender, Freelander and Discovery line ups. The presentation shows that the Defender 90 standard old-school Defender is set to co-exist with the new DC100 series Defenders. This old-school classic Defender 90 is a rugged 4×4 vehicle that would likely see local production in India and compete with the Toyota Fortuners and Mitsubishi Pajeros. The new Freelander five and seven seater and the Discovery 4 replacement are also likely to be sold in India, with part local assembly bringing down prices. Also read: New and upcoming SUVs, what’s exciting about them?

Share your thoughts on these future Land Rovers. Which ones would you love to see in India and at what price points?

News Source: Daily Mail