Land Rover Series 2A brought back from the dead: Before & after pictures!

The name Land Rover needs no introduction in the world of off-roading. The Land Rovers used to be the name of the vehicle that was made by the British manufacturer – Rover Company. The Land Rovers were the first four-wheel drive cars with doors that were mass produced for the civilians. The vehicles made by the brand were so reliable that in 1992, Land Rover claimed that more than 70% of vehicles ever produced by the brand are still in service. Here is a Land Rover Series 2A SUV that has been wonderfully modified and restored by WS Designs, Mumbai.

Land Rover 7

Land Rover 5

The vehicle seen in the pictures is of the 1971 Land Rover Series IIA and it looks extremely similar to the Series II Land Rover. The vehicle was offered in short-wheelbase, soft-top and five-door station wagon formations. The station wagon version was the most expensive of the lot and the biggest of all the variants. The vehicle seen here is a station wagon version, which has been converted immaculately to a pick-up truck version.

Land Rover 4

From the pictures, it seems that the vehicle has remained in an abandoned state for a long time but the shell has remained intact without much visible rusting. WS Designs has transformed the vehicle inside out. The body of the station wagon has been modified and the space behind the second-row seats has been cut to give it a pick-up truck look. The vehicle now gets four doors. The whole body has been repainted completely with a new shade and all the lamps have been restored to the original specifications. The headlamps are original too and give the nostalgic look and feel to the Defender. Even the grille is original and carries the original moniker.

Land Rover 6

Land Rover 3

Apart from that, it gets new ORVMs mounted on the bonnet of the vehicle. It even gets aftermarket big-block tyres that add a muscular stance to the vehicle. The spare tyre is mounted on the bonnet. It may hinder a clear view of the road ahead but it sure makes the vehicle look like a true rugged vehicle.

Land Rover 1

The interior of the vehicle has been revamped completely too. It gets a new dashboard with instrument cluster in the middle. This is not the original instrument cluster but analogue round dials have been used to keep the vintage DNA alive. The steering wheel also gets the Land Rover logo. The roofline of the vehicle is now very plush and gets diamond stitched fabric. Even the seats get the new Land Rover covers that make the vehicle feel very special on the inside.

Land Rover 2

It should be noted that originally Land Rover also offered the two-door pick-up version of the truck in the markets. The Land Rover Series IIA got powered by three engine options 2.25-litre inline 4-cylinder petrol engine, 2.25-litre inline four-cylinder diesel engine and 2.6-litre IOE straight 6 cylinder petrol engine.

You can contact WS Designs directly for the price and the time taken for such restoration and modification job.