Never Leave a Laptop or Cellphone in Your Car – Here’s Why!

Leaving a laptop or mobile phone in a parked car is a surefire way of attracting thieves. These artful dodgers will not only disappear with your laptop or mobile phone or any other valuable belonging placed in your car, but will also damage your car in the process.

Never Leave a Laptop or Cellphone in Your Car – Here’s Why!

Net-net, you’ll end up paying a bomb not just to replace your valuable but also to repair your car. It simply isn’t worth it. And these thieves will even strike in broad daylight, in places where you’d think that your car is safe and away from prying eyes. Still not convinced. Here’s something that is compelling enough. Do give it a watch.

 So, how do you safeguard your belongings in an unsupervised, parked car?

1. Cars come with boots for a reason. Why, even the Nano has one. Use your car’s boot to place your belongings such as laptop bags or other valuables. In case of hatchbacks, ensure that your car has a parcel tray to conceal these belongings.

2. Always place your belongings in the boot, a few kilometers before your destination. You don’t want your thief watching your car know that you’re about to deposit pricey stuff in the car’s boot and walk away.

3. Try to use secured and supervised parking lots even if it costs a little extra in terms of parking charges and effort to find a parking slot.

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4. Invest in a lockable box fitted under the seat. This can come in handy to store valuables such as mobile phones and tablet PCs. A lockable box under the seat will take the thief a lot of time to break into, making her/him look for easier quarries.

5. While buying a car stereo, opt for one that comes with a removable front panel. While you park your car for long, you can simply put the panel in your pocket and walk away. This goes a long way in preventing car stereo theft.

6. Invest in a good security alarm system, which alerts you (through SMS) and passers by about a break-in attempt on your car.