Latest illegal trend: People sitting on moving car convoys [Video]

While the Indian motoring laws are comprehensive and nicely detailed with all the fines, the instances of people breaking those laws are increasing at an alarming rate. Examples like not wearing helmets and seat belts, driving on the wrong side or while talking on the phone (sometimes even both) and not stopping at traffic signals have become very common. However, things have become a lot more insane with some people performing even more dangerous stunts on the roads, like the one we have come across here.

An Instagram post uploaded by tharlover_official_1999 is gaining a lot of popularity, in which we can see a few vehicles being driven in a convoy. However, what’s wrong in this video is that all the people are seen hanging out of the doors and sitting on the bonnets and roofs of the cars in the convoy. We can see people performing these dangerous stunts in the cars of the convoy, which includes vehicles like Mahindra Thar, Ford Endeavour, Mahindra Scorpio and Mercedes-Benz E-Class. All these vehicles are seen rolling on the road with people performing this foolish act of hooliganism and the driver flashing lights while driving with the parking lights on.

In this video, there’s nothing which can be called subtle, as these acts portray a very wrong picture of motoring on the Indian roads. If someone is driving in such a way, which people hang out of doors and windows and sit on the roof and bonnet of a car, there are very high chances of fatal accidents, since there is no assurance of safety here. People here are seen without their seat belts on, which can result in a dangerous situation if such a vehicle meets with an accident.

Now a common sight on the roads

Latest illegal trend: People sitting on moving car convoys [Video]

Instances like this have become very common in India, where people hang out of doors and windows and shoot such acts to gain hollow attention on social media platforms. We have already seen many examples of people popping out of sunroofs while being driven and making the wrong use of the feature. Driving in such a manner is not only unsafe for the people in the car and other motorists around them but is also illegal in the books of laws and attracts hefty fines. Though in many cities, the traffic police have become lethargic in acting and imposing fines on such offenders.

We advise all our readers and followers to not indulge in driving in such a manner and become a threat to the safety of their own and other motorists on the road.

But you can get challan

Doing any kind of stunts on public roads is highly illegal and the violators can even go to jail along with paying massive fines. Doing stunts on public roads can land you in a spot due to various reasons. If anyone wants to practice stunting or want to record videos, it should be done on private property such as race tracks and even farmhouses. Also, one should take note that such stunts are extremely dangerous.

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