Latest online scam uses pics of celebrities like Dan Bilzerian & supercars to TEMPT you!

Chances are that many Facebook users out here would have heard of online casinos that promise to multiply your money by many times. Frankly, I don’t know if such online casinos are genuine in their dealings. However, the kind of images these people have been using to lure you into giving them your hard-earned money definitely raise some questions.

supercars online casino scam edited

Of course, almost all of us want to own a supercar at least at some point in our lives. These online casinos seem to be using images of supercars to catch your attention. All such posts are from little-known websites, which are spending money on Facebook to get viral. The above image, for example, shows a Sikh man’s image along with a really very sporty Ferrari. Some of you might remember Bally Singh, a UK-based entrepreneur of Indian-origin who shot to fame for his really lavish lifestyle. The aforementioned post talks about Bally’ online casino, which promises to offer huge returns on your investments. A quick look at his Facebook page shows there’s no reference to an online casino that is allegedly owned by Bally.

On the contrary, the website quotes Singh as saying,“Cash Cabin Casino – Pyramid Cash is for everyone who no longer wants to go to work and who don’t want to have a normal job. I guarantee you: after you have played my game and won, you will quit your job immediately. Today is your last chance! As soon as you have won the jackpot you can leave all your problems behind, pack your things and drink cocktails for the rest of your life.” Sounds too good to be true, right? Other than these sponsored posts on Facebook, there are absolutely no accounts of winners of these casinos.

supercars online casino scam edited

Seen above is an image of a post by another little-known website. Akin to the post on Bally Singh, this one featuring Dan Bilzerian, a rich playboy with a massive internet following, also talks about an online casino and uses an image of a Lamborghini to grab your attention. A quick look at the post reveals that even this one is on an online casino that promises heavy returns. Dan Bilzerian though has no connection to all this, we are pretty sure.

We really can’t be sure of these things to be real or fake. However, don’t you think these images/posts raise a lot of suspicions? Also, online casinos involving real money with house vs player games get really suspicious as they can easily make a change with algorithms to win your money. Also, the algos can be altered without your knowledge. Real-life casino games like Poker don’t have direct profits for the casino owners from every loss of yours. With such online games, however, it has to be the online company that has supremacy over everything. Moreover, there is no definite proof of anything – neither the wins nor the loses. Hence, we think you should know better than getting lured by the supercars in the above images.

We think you should think twice, maybe, thrice, before spending your hard-earned money on these casinos.