Latest road scam: Fake traffic wardens putting jammers on vehicles parked in no-parking zones

It is said if you can drive well on Indian roads while following all rules, you are quite a decent driver and won’t face any big issue driving anywhere around the world. While we can’t exactly say how much truth is in this saying, we can certainly vouch for the fact that driving on Indian roads is not an easy task. From stray animals to jaywalkers, drunk drivers to broken roads and whatnot, Indian drivers face it all. To top it all, there are numerous scams running across the country which aim to thug road users. While various such scams have already been brought to light, now a new scam has come forward which shows the heights people go to earn a few extra bucks.

Latest road scam: Fake traffic wardens putting jammers on vehicles parked in no-parking zones


According to a Facebook post on the group Our Ghodbunder Road, a few people are involved in a new scam in which they pose as fake traffic wardens and put wheel jammers on the vehicles that are parked in no-parking zones. As can be seen in the images here, these guys wear T-shirts that declare them to be ‘On-duty Traffic Police’ personnel over their regular clothes so as to give an impression that they are official traffic cops. They roam around crowded places where many vehicles are parked in the no-parking zone. They carry wheel jammers which they put on the vehicle along with a chit carrying their phone number which is placed on the windshield.

Latest road scam: Fake traffic wardens putting jammers on vehicles parked in no-parking zones
Notice the stickering on the T-shirt which declares them as traffic cops

According to the Facebook post, these scamsters are usually tipped off by the hawkers who themselves get a little bit of a tip. If they see a vehicle parked in a no-parking zone, they put a wheel jammer on it with a phone-number chit. Now when the owner comes across his vehicle and calls on the number seeing his locked vehicle, they arrive at the scene pretending to be traffic personnel. They then try to scare the owner, ask for license and other official documents, and pretend to issue a challan but slyly direct the proceedings towards paying a bribe to them. This so-called settlement between these frauds and the owners goes into their pockets directly, which is the reason behind all this tactic.

Moreover, they even get a real traffic cop brought on the scene if the vehicle owner questions them too much or if the situations seem to go out of hand. The post goes on to say that there are several high tier people involved in all this including politicians and cops which is the reason these scamsters go around scamming people with such confidence. Going by the comments on the post, a lot of people have faced this scam of late and while some of them stood up and raised their voice, most of them got away by giving fines or bribes to these guys.

If ever faced with such a situation, we suggest you to look for the nearest traffic police booth and ask them if they are carrying out any such drive at that particular time. Also, asked the scamster for his official police id and check the fine book if he carries any. We also urge our readers to not park their vehicles in a no-parking zone and always follow all road and traffic rules.