Latest tactics of the Thak-Thak gang on video: Hyundai i20 driver loses lakhs [Video]

The infamous Thak-Thak gang is quite prevalent in the Northern part of the country. The gang that operates on the busy roads, especially in Delhi-NCR has been caught in the act multiple times. Here is a new video that shows how Thak-Thak gang has now changed its strategy to loot people on the busy roads.

The video is from Narela, Delhi and it has been captured on a CCTV camera. The incident is quite shocking because the victim took all the measures and yet got robbed by the gang. The video shows a Hyundai Elite i20 coming down on a road that is crowded with other cars, motorcycles and stray cattle. The Elite i20 can be seen driving cautiously and steer around the stray cattle on the road.

A couple of guys on a black scooter can be seen following the vehicle and when it slows down, the guys knock the window and tell the driver that his car is on fire. Another gang member, who is on foot and is acting like a pedestrian crosses the front of the vehicle at the same time and spills oil in front of the car and goes away. The driver of the Hyundai Elite i20 stayed in the car thinking about what just happened with him when another scooter rider, who was riding solo came from the driver-side and told the man the same thing, that his car was on fire.

Latest tactics of the Thak-Thak gang on video: Hyundai i20 driver loses lakhs [Video]

After getting to hear that this car is on fire from two different people, the driver got out of the vehicle. However, many similar incidents have happened in the past where the gang distracted the car driver and then took out expensive things from the vehicle, this person kept his cash bag in his hand and came out of the vehicle to ensure that no such thing happens to him. While the person was standing perplexed in front of the vehicle trying to figure out if the vehicle is on fire and from where did the oil come from. The riders on the black scooter suddenly came back from behind, snatched the bag the person was holding and left from the spot.

The victim has been identified as Vijay, who is a trader in Narela vegetable market had withdrawn Rs. 2.5 lakh from the bank and was returning. It is not known if the gang members were following him from the bank itself. This is not the first incident by the gang has been caught on the video. Earlier, they lured the drivers out of the vehicles by dropping money outside the vehicle. Also, in many cases, the gang members who disguise as pedestrians go and hit the vehicle intentionally and distract the driver to pick up items like mobile phones.