Made-in-India Laureti DionX electric SUV to get a 540 Km range per charge

Laureti Dionx Electric Suv Featured

There is no doubt in the fact that the future of automobiles will be fuelled by electric vehicles. While most of the manufacturers are announcing to launch new electric cars and SUVs in the Indian market, London-based enterprise, Laureti has announced its plans to build an all-new SUV in India.

Made-in-India Laureti DionX electric SUV to get a 540 Km range per charge

The all-new SUV is expected to be launched by 2021. The new Dion-X SUV has recently begun testing after years of development. Laureti will soon start testing the vehicles and road-testing in Indian conditions will also happen. The Laureti Dion-X will start its epic journey from Leh to Kanyakumari. The roads from the northern part of India to the southern tip throws a lot of challenges to any vehicle. The route covers over 6,000 km and is one of the toughest journeys. Laureti claims that they plan to complete the whole journey in just 12 full cycles of charge. The brand currently claims that the SUV Dion-X can do 540 km on a full charge.

The Laureti Dion-X is quite luxurious. It gets suicide doors on one side and regular doors on the other side. The interior is wrapped in quilted leather upholstery, which makes the whole cabin feel extremely plush. There are many premium features including a panoramic sunroof, a large central screen that can be used as an infotainment system, individual screens for the rear passengers, a mini-fridge and so on.

The all-new electric SUV would come with a big fat price tag. It is expected to get a price tag of around Rs. 40 lakhs, which will put it against the likes of Audi Q3. The top speed of the upcoming electric SUV is not known but it is expected to do 0-100 km/h in just 5.4 seconds. It will also get advanced options like artificial intelligence integration for optimum performance and safety.

Made-in-India Laureti DionX electric SUV to get a 540 Km range per charge

Laureti has said that electric SUV and all of its components would be manufactured locally in India and the company would invest a large sum of money to set-up a new facility in Puducherry. The total cost of the setup is around Rs. 2,577 crores. Laureti plans to produce around 10,000 units of the Dion-X SUV initially and later bump up the production to 20,000 units per year. More details on the electric SUV would be revealed later.

Apart from the electric SUV, the manufacturer would also introduce charging systems in the Indian market that will include home chargers for the cars. Laureti has also said that it will work with the central and the state governments to set-up one lakh charging points across the country. Electric vehicles are all set to take off in a big way from 2020, a year when the much more stringent Bharat Stage 6 emission norms will come into place.

Car makers across the spectrum have announced plans to launch electric cars. Maruti will be one of the first automakers off the blocks with a Electric WagonR, slated to arrive in 2020. Hyundai is readying up the Kona SUV while Mahindra is putting together an electric variant of the XUV300. Tata Motors already has the Tiago and Tigor EVs ready for launch.