This motorcycle worth Rs 3.5 crores is more expensive than a Bentley: It can actually FLY [Video]

French automotive company Lazareth has developed a new motorcycle that can convert into a hoverbike and take you into the air. The new product LMV 496 was revealed by the manufacturer earlier this year and it has almost production-ready. The Lazareth 496 will come with a price tag of £380,000 which roughly translates into INR 3.5 crores, making it more expensive than most luxury vehicles in the market.

The Lazareth LMV 496 can run on the road like a regular bike and it uses an electric motor for that. However, whenever the bike hovers in the air, it uses four jet propulsion engines that provide up to 10 minutes of flight time. The jet engines powering the LMV 496 are similar to the aeroplane jet engines. The bike has an on-board Kerosene fuel tank. The company will initially build five prototype examples for the bike that will be on sale and can be bought by anyone.

Lazareth claims that they have designed the bike in such a way that anyone can immediately get used to the machine. It has a very comfortable driving position and a light steering. The braking system and undercarriage technology in the bike are inspired by other Lazareth vehicles. It rides on extremely advanced TFX Suspension Technology.

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The four jet engines in the bike collectively produce around 1,300 horsepower of thurst. All the flight information including the altitude, speed, fuel level, position, direction and more are displayed on the dashboard of the bike directly. To keep the overall weight light, Lazareth used advanced Kevlar carbon composite to build the bike. Kevlar is a bulletproof material that is used to armour vehicles and make bulletproof jackets and suits. This also allows the bike to gain vertical height. When on road, the bike runs on an electric motor that can push it for 60 miles on a single charge. There is no role of the electric motor when the bike is in the air. The bike weighs only 140 kg!


The turbines come from JetCat and they can turn at a maximum speed of 96,000 rpm! The bike can be controlled through joysticks that are placed on either side of the handlebar when it is in the air. The bike can hover 3.3 feet above the ground, which is not a lot. But in the future, we believe that the brand will develop hoverbikes that can get above the traffic and skip the jams. We are not sure if any special license is needed to fly or ride this machine but since it is exclusive and the production is limited to only five units, the owners would not try doing stunts with it on the public roads yet.