How to avoid getting blinded by LED headlights & high beams!

With the number of the modern cars offering LED headlamps, the roads are becoming a difficult place. With the advancement of technology and cheaper availability of the LED lamps, even the mass-segment vehicles are now available with these high intensity light emitting diodes. Even though the LED lamps are now available with most scooters and passenger cars, most motorists do not use the LED lamps properly. We often get blinded by the LED headlamps on high beam but here are a few ways that you can avoid that.

Clean the windshield properly

Bright lights, especially from the extremely bright LED lamps, can scatter easily. Dirty windshield can make things worse. It is always better to clean the vehicle’s windshield properly, especially before starting to drive at night. It is always a good idea to keep a clean microfibre cloth in the vehicle and clean the surface and remove all the dust that can scatter the light.

Avoid getting scratches

Whenever you clean the surface of the windshield, use a microfibre to remove the layer of the dust. If you don’t have it, spray water and try to remove the dust from the windshield. Never clean the windshield with a dirty cloth and ensure that you replace the wipers every year to keep the windshield free of any scratches.

No cracked windshields

If your car has a cracked windshield, always replace it as soon as possible. It is dangerous to drive around with a cracked windshield and at night, the cracks flare up because of the light and can blind you because of the glare.

Use driving lens

Driving lens are available in various online platforms and even at shops that can reduce the glare drastically at night. Driving lenses can reduce the glare by a lot and if you are someone who drives around at the night time, do try such lenses.

See an ophthalmologist

Some reports suggest that with age, bright lights can affect the vision. This is quite common in the older age group of people. If you always put an extra stress on your eyes to look ahead and have to squint to get a clear view, you should definitely visit an ophthalmologist.

Brighter headlamps in recent years

In recent times, you must have noticed that the glare from the oncoming vehicles has increased compared to a few years ago. Apart from the rise in the number of cars and two-wheelers on the roads, there is a number of other factors that can cause glare from oncoming vehicles. The glare can be caused by the high position of headlamps in the cars. This is why mounting lights on the roof is banned in India.

Also, most people drive their vehicles with misaligned headlamps, which can throw the light beam directly on your face causing a blinding effect. Also, the new-age headlamps with blue lights cause more glare than the good old halogen lamps.

It is always best to use your headlamps in low beam and spread the awareness around you. Low beams drastically reduces the headlamp glare and ensures a safe environment on the roads.