3 Legendary Actors Who Still Own Fiat Cars

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When it comes to car brands in India, one of the most notable automakers to exist was Fiat. The company created cars like the Fiat 1100 and others, which have now become iconic. The 1100, in particular, over the years, had been a part of numerous families, and it was a dream of many car lovers back in the day. Of these people, few are also India’s most legendary actors. This is the list of all three legendary actors that still own their Fiat 1100 sedans.

Jackie Shroff

The first actor on this list is none other than Jackie Shroff, also referred to as “Dada” in Bollywood. The actor recently bought himself a completely restored Fiat 1100. Now whether this car was purchased by him after restoration, or he got it meticulously restored by himself, has not been revealed.

Jackie Shroff was recently spotted arriving at an event. He was seen sitting in the co-driver’s seat of the Fiat 1100. His particular Fiat 1100 was seen finished in a lovely shade of silver with iconic white wall wheels. He was then seen leaving the event in the same car.

While leaving, he even asked paparazzi if they had their dinner or not. It can be noted that his car has been restored from the inside as well. Presently, Jackie Shroff drives around in a Bentley Continental GT and a Jaguar XKR sports car.



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Next up on this list is esteemed veteran Indian actor, Dharmendra. The revered actor shared a video showing his Fiat 1100 finished in a lovely shade of greenish brown. In his video, he states that he acquired it way back in 1960.

From the video, it can be noted that over six decades, this car has been the first love of Dharmendra. He also revealed that he purchased this car for Rs 18,000. However, he exclaimed that this amount at the time was a lot. Today, Dharmendra is seen being driven around in an older generation Range Rover.


3 Legendary Actors Who Still Own Fiat Cars

Known for his simplicity, the South Indian superstar Rajnikanth is also a proud owner of a Fiat 1100. Rajni Anna’s Fiat 1100 is finished in the standard white color, which was the most common color for this sedan. His family shared a photograph featuring Rajnikanth and his first-ever car, a Premier Padmini, which is still parked at their residence. Rajnikanth was recently gifted a brand-new BMW X7 SUV by Sun Group owner Kalanithi Maran after the success of “Jailer”.

Fiat 1100

3 Legendary Actors Who Still Own Fiat Cars

The Fiat 1100 is hands down one of the most pioneering models in the Indian automotive landscape. This sedan, over the years, has made so many enthusiasts its fan with its timeless design.

This sedan was embraced as a symbol of family prestige. At the time, this Italian car came powered by a 1,089cc, four-cylinder petrol engine. It managed to deliver a modest 36 bhp of power transmitted through a four-speed manual gearbox to the rear wheels.

Although it was also a popular car amongst family buyers in India, it particularly, in Mumbai, was known for its service as a taxi. These cars were painted in yellow and black color, and this color scheme also became iconic just like the car itself.