Legendary Kerala cop makes an ambulance escape a massive traffic jam [Video]

The Indian roads are one of the most crowded in the world. Most of the motorists ignore the traffic rules and even the traffic signals, which creates huge chaos on the roads. Often it leads to gridlocks and emergency vehicles like Ambulance, Fire Tenders and Police also face the wrath of such situations. Even in regular traffic, motorists ignore the need of giving a pass to such emergency vehicles.

A video from Kottayam, Kerala shows an Ambulance stuck in standstill traffic amidst big buses and other small cars. The dashboard camera of the ambulance records the video of a police officer who frantically waves at the vehicles in front of the ambulance to move them and make way for the emergency vehicle. The cop, who has been identified as Renjith Kumar Radhakrishnan can be seen running around frantically to move the vehicles and big buses to make space for the ambulance in the narrow roads.

The ambulance driver also did an extremely good job of driving through the squeezed spaces on the Kerala roads. The video has become viral on the social media and the police personnel has been appreciated for his good deeds to make way for the Ambulance. Such helping hands who go out of their way to help the people in distress are very rare nowadays and any such effort should be rewarded well.

Legendary Kerala cop makes an ambulance escape a massive traffic jam [Video]

There have been a few instances from Kerala where the motorists have helped the ambulances to go ahead in the busy streets. Sometime back video footage from the dashboard camera of an ambulance showed how people gave way and stopped on the side on a single-lane road in Kerala. While it is great to see such efforts on the roads, more people should get involved and take responsibility to follow rules strictly and give way to emergency vehicles whenever they are on duty.

The Emergency vehicles are involved in life-and-death situations and they always have the right of way on the public roads. It should be the top priority to give way to these vehicles on the road. While talking about such good samaritans on the road, everyone should pitch in to do their best to help such vehicles pass ahead on the public roads. Every second matter in emergency situations and the cop certainly did his best to make sure that Ambulance gets out of the traffic jam as quickly as possible.

Stopping on the side of the road to give way to emergency vehicles is the best way of doing it. Many people try to follow the ambulance to get a quick escape from the traffic situation but that is highly dangerous and can lead to dangerous accidents.

If you ever see an ambulance seeking way, please pull over to the shoulder of the road and let the ambulance pass. Tomorrow, it may just be you or your loved one that needs a service of an ambulance in an emergency.